Tuesday 30 May 2023
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The Carin Alliance and Interoperability

The Carin Alliance and Interoperability

The Carin Alliance and Interoperability


Ryan Howells, Principal at Leavitt Partners


Ryan joined us to discuss The Carin Alliance and Interoperability.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Ryan:

  1. (2:46) One of the areas that Leavitt Partners has been focused on is how to advance consumer-mediated or consumer-directed exchange. Can you briefly explain what those terms mean?
  2. (4:50) As you know Ryan many individuals and organizations have tried and failed in the past to make progress on this topic, why do you think you can make more progress now, especially this year?
  3. (7:08) You’ve mentioned the CARIN Alliance you and your team have convened to help advance the ability for consumers to get electronic access to their medical information. What specifically are you doing about it? What is the CARIN Alliance?
  4. (10:18) Who is involved and what are you working on?
  5. (11:11) Will the CARIN Alliance be at HIMSS?

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Learn more about The Carin Alliance.

About Leavitt Partners

At Leavitt Partners, we understand the emerging role of value in health care and the significance of this development to the future of your organization. Our insights and tools in this vital arena can help you make smart decisions, successfully navigating from today’s uncertainty to tomorrow’s prosperity.

Upon transition from his post as secretary of Health & Human Services (HHS), Mike Leavitt put an idea into motion that he believed could bring clarity and value to a rapidly changing US health care system.

The idea was to create a health care intelligence gathering and filtering process modeled after what he observed used in the national intelligence service to advise presidential decision making. The result is something we like to call “health care tradecraft” and its application is bringing clarity and value to health care executives around the country.


About Ryan Howells

Ryan Howells is a Principal based out of Atlanta. Ryan’s work with clients is focused on health insurance market reforms, the competencies required of risk-bearing entities who are transitioning to the value-based healthcare economy, disruptive distribution channels that have occurred through the emergence of public and private exchanges, and how the implementation of technology can improve the triple aim of reducing costs, increasing quality, and improving outcomes. Ryan is currently the executive director of the Private Exchange Coalition ( and also leads CARIN, a multi-sector, public-private alliance focused on providing consumers digital access to their health information where, when, and how they need it.

Over his career, Ryan has worked in multiple consulting organizations helping national and regional health plans, state and federal government organizations, HIT companies, and delivery systems solve complex problems. Prior to joining Leavitt Partners, Ryan was a vice president and general manager at Connecture, Inc., an industry leader in both public and private exchanges. During his tenure, he managed a multi-million-dollar P&L, oversaw 400% growth in less than three years, and was involved in Connecture’s IPO in late 2014. He previously spent eight years at iHealth Technologies (now Cotiviti Healthcare) overseeing the implementation of payment integrity and fraud, waste, and abuse solutions for CMS and carriers.

Ryan received his master’s in health administration from the University of Southern California where he was a Dean’s Merit Scholar and has a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

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