Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Telerehab: Innovation to Heal Patients at Home


TODAYS GUEST Ted Spooner, Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of RespondWell

Ted joined us to discuss how the RespondWell Telerehab platform drives efficiencies and outcomes from home.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Ted:

  1. (3:46) You have positioned RespondWell right at the intersection of healthcare and technology, is this want motivated you to also pursue telehealth?
  2. (5:44) Let’s do some stage setting with the next couple questions. Will you tell our audience how you see the future of self-care and the consumerization of healthcare?
  3. (6:59) What role will data play in improving healthcare outcomes?
  4. (8:10) How is the doctor/patient relationship changing?
  5. (9:24) What are some of the tech advances in orthopedic, geriatric, cardiology and pediatric care?
  6. (13:40) How do you go to market? Who is your customer?
  7. (15:39) What’s next for RespondWell? What new can we expect to see as we head into 2016?

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About RespondWell

Our mission is to be the leading provider of high quality telehealth solutions for rehabilitation and prevention that produce better outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

RespondWell is a digital health company empowering physical therapists and physicians to engage patients anywhere through telerehabilitation.  As the developers of the world’s first fitness game, RespondWell saw the opportunity to marry the art of reward and game theory with the science of physical therapy to create a ground-breaking technology platform that catapults physical therapy into the next chapter of care delivery.  The US spends over $26.6 billion a year on physical therapy.  RespondWell’s telerehabilitation platform targets this care – focusing on improving outcomes while lowering costs in this quickly evolving pay-for-value environment.

RespondWell’s founders are experts at building elegant digital experiences that keep users motivated and engaged.  This experience, collected over ten years of fitness game development across 3 million users and distributed across nine languages, informs our user experience.  But RespondWell solutions are more than just an engaging user experience.  The founders also have a legacy of building and managing enterprise-class solutions, and have used this experience to build a scalable, consumer-facing solution for the healthcare industry.  To ensure a strong match to payer and provider requirements, RespondWell added physician and physical therapy expertise to the team and has recently brought on healthcare reimbursement and revenue cycle experts to ensure delivery of financial value to healthcare customers. (from


Ted Spooner’s Bio

Ted Spooner’s 22 years of broad experience in financial services, technology, digital entertainment and healthcare IT led him to co-found RespondWell in 2003. As Chairman and CEO, Ted led the company’s initial strategy for development of a new game category – fitness gaming, selling more than $80 million at retail in the global consumer fitness game category. Ted led the company’s transformation of the business, utilizing its assets for development of a Microsoft Kinect-based solution for physical therapy automation, making RespondWell the award-winning company it is today. He also leads the company’s initiatives with clinical content partners such as Mary Free Bed, a leading post-acute rehab hospital and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Ted was one of the pioneers of online baking, having founded Corrillian in 1997, an online banking software company with a mission to create a Microsoft-based, highly scalable transaction – processing platform to support emerging consumer and small business demand for online banking. Corillian was acquired by CheckFree Corp. for $245 million in 2007.



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