Saturday 19 September 2020
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Talking Telemedicine with Dr. Ralph

dr ralph rogers featured

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Ralph Rogers, World-recognized Sports Physician but also Family Doctor and expert in TeleMedicine & Digital Health

Dr. Ralph joined us to provide his insights and experience on the extremely hot topic of Telemedicine:

  1. What is the current state of Telemedicine? There are many companies making noise about it, but are they really doing it?
  2. How do you see Telemedicine evolving?
  3. How will Telemedicine help those in rural parts of the world and how reliable is it?
  4. So is Telemedicine only useful for rural use cases?
  5. What are some of the benefits that you have experienced of Telemedicine?
  6. What are the incentives for using Telemedicine?
  7. What advice would you give to other providers who are considering or just starting to use Telemedicine?
  8. What is your vision for bringing TeleMedicine to remote and underdeveloped parts of the world?

About Dr. Ralph

Dr. Ralph Rogers has come a long way from the boy in the Bronx that loved playing sports to the world-renowned Sports Physician and Doctor that he is today. Playing lacrosse and tennis, and participating in triathlons while in school, Dr. Rogers decided to take his passion for athletics to University where he began studying sports medicine. His medical journey began in the US, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts and Post Graduate studies. Dr. Rogers then went to study at the University of Leuven, Belgium where he received his MD whilst simultaneously learning to speak fluent Dutch in order to complete his studies. A lifelong dedication to education drove Dr. Rogers to continue his studies and receive a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Maryland, a Diploma in Sports Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, followed by an MBA from the University of Leicester.

Medical posts including Medical Director of the London Sports Injury Clinic, Medical Advisor to the NBA, former First Team Doctor for Chelsea Football Club, and former Team Physician for the Football Association, UK, have put Dr. Rogers at the forefront of professional sports medicine, where he’s treated the world’s most elite athletes. And yet Dr. Rogers’ medical background is not purely confined to sports medicine. A relentless strive for excellence and innovation drove Dr. Rogers to continue his studies and broaden his expertise; adding Certified TeleHealth Coordinator, TeleHealth Programmer, Expert in TeleMedicine & Digital Health, Family Doctor, and Specialist in Disease Prevention & Health Promotion to his name. Dr. Rogers has also been recruited to sit on national and international Board and Advisory committees for major healthcare companies and brands, and lectures throughout Europe and the US on sports and health issues. He regularly contributes his expertise to media channels including BBC, CNN, CNN International, ITV, and SkySports.

With over 25 years experience, and earning a seemingly endless number of certifications, fellowships and awards, Dr. Rogers is truly living up to his reputation of being one of the most qualified doctors in his field today. A range of patients from athletes, celebrities, high net-worth business owners, to families from every walk of life, trust Dr. Ralph with all of their medical needs. When he is not in his London clinic, Dr. Rogers can be found visiting his patients in the US, Europe and Africa. He aims to develop worldwide medical hubs with the latest in technology to match the quality of care delivered in his London clinic. Dr. Rogers’ mantra rings true at every stage of his career- “You don’t need to be a professional athlete to be treated like one”.

For more information on Dr. Ralph Rogers, visit and follow him on Twitter!

This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

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