Friday 27 January 2023
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#TalkHITwithCTG at #HIMSS15 – It’s a Wrap


This “#TalkHITwithCTG” series is brought to you by our partner CTG Health Solutions (CTGHS) and the episodes were broadcast live in CTGHS’s booth at the The HIMSS15 Annual Conference and Exhibition.  The interviews were recorded and will be published on a regular basis on intrepidNow Healthcare. Bookmark this page to follow along with Patient Advocates, CIOs, CEOs and other thought leaders from health systems across the country.  Also, Read more about why CTGHS is the trusted advisor to over 600 health systems and providers.


In this episode, co-hosts Joe Lavelle and Rayanne Thorne summarize the two full days of interviews with many fantastic guests on the #TalkHITwithCTG series recorded at #HIMSS15.  We wish to extend our most sincere thank you to all our guests and let you each know that we will be working very hard to produce each episode and associated blog post as soon as possible.  You are all #HealthIT Rock Stars. You educated, entertained and inspired us and we are forever indebted you for your generosity.


In the near future, we will be posting our conversations with:

Patient Advocates

  • Dave deBronkart – @ePatientDave
  • Regina Holliday – @ReginaHolliday – Founding Artist, #TheWalkingGallery
  • Amanda Greene – @LALupusLady – @HISTalk Patient Advocate Scholarship Winner
  • Carly Medosch – @CarlyRM – @HISTalk Patient Advocate Scholarship Winner
  • Melanie Peron – @leffet_papillon – @HISTalk Patient Advocate Scholarship Winner
  • Tami Rich – @BostonHeartMom – @HISTalk Patient Advocate Scholarship Winner

CIOs/IT Leaders

  • David Chou – @dchou1107 – CIO, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Mark Hetz – CIO, Asante Health System
  • Gene Thomas – CIO, Memorial Hospital Gulfport
  • Dr. Chris Davis – CIO and CMIO, Baptist Health System, Birmingham
  • Curt Kwak – CIO, Proliance Surgeons
  • Eddy Stephens – VP and CIO, Mobile Infirmary Health System
  • Mark Lauteren – CIO, University of South Alabama Health System
  • Shana Berger – Program Director, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
  • Denette Dresbeck – Director of Informatics Integration, St. Luke’s Health System
  • Becky Western – Director of IT for Trinity Mother Francis Health System
  • Patricia Mook – CNIO and Kimberly Krakowski – Director of Infrastructure and Innovation, Inova Health System

CEOs/Other Leaders

  • Dr. Bart Van Daele – CEO, Hospital of Halle
  • Bill Priemer – CEO, Hyland (Creator of OnBase)
  • Tony Paparella – CEO, MediQuant
  • Darice Grzybowski – President, H. I. Mentors
  • Dr. Richard Howe – Executive Director, North Texas REC
  • Siriam Bharadway – Incoming President, Southern California HIMSS

CTG Health Solutions Leaders

  • Filip Gyde – SVP and GM, CTG Europe
  • Mike Garzone – Solutions Director of Advanced Technology, CTGHS
  • Mike Bunch – Managing Director of Recruiting, CTGHS


You’re listening to Intrepid Healthcare’s exclusive coverage of the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition. Welcome to HIMSS15 direct from Chicago. Our coverage is brought to you by CTG Health Solutions. Your trusted advisor for healthcare IT advisory, and consulting services. And now, here are your hosts, Joe Levelle and Rayanne Throne.

Joe:            All right it’s just Joe and Rayanne.

Rayanne:   It’s just us.

Joe:            Here we are. We want to do a quick recap of what we’ve learned with Talk HIT with CTG. Sponsored by our great sponsor, CTG Health Solutions. Rayanne, how many things did we learn in the last two days?

Rayanne:   I wish my brain could be opened right and we could just, you know, pluck the wonderful things we’ve learned. It’s been a fantastic couple of days.

Joe:            We laughed, we cried.

Rayanne:   Oh definitely cried.

Joe:            We danced, we sang.

Rayanne:   We danced, we sang. It’s been…

Joe:            We learned, we were inspired.

Rayanne:   Yeah, all of the above. Such a great journey.

Joe:            Pick a topic. Let’s start with patient advocacy.

Rayanne:   That’s exactly where I wanted to start. What a great opportunity for us, at a conference, where it should be all about what can we do better for the patient. To actually have patients here, to talk to them, to have them share their stories of why they have become advocates. The bad experiences they’ve had, the good experiences they’ve had. You know, we talked to people that had terrible loss. We talked to some folks that had great experiences and wanted to share why their experiences were great. Stories of survival, stories of grief and loss, and also stories of resiliency.

Joe:            Really, I’m inspired, I know you are.

Rayanne:   I am.

Joe:            We’re going to continue this conversation in many, many ways. Starting with ePatient Dave who got really revved up.

Rayanne:   Yes.

Joe:            Regina Holiday talking about…

Rayanne:   The Walking Gallery.

Joe:            The Walking Gallery.

Rayanne:   Her own experience with her husband. Being a single mother now, raising two kids on her own. But having this really incredible purpose in life now.

Joe:            We got to talk to the scholarship winners, HIS Talk Patient Advocate Scholarships, Amanda Green, Carly Medosch.

Rayanne:   Melanie Peron, and Tami Rich. And all of these folks, we’re going to put information out on how you can connect with them. How can you follow them on Twitter. And maybe help them with their mission. Help them with their vision to bring positive change to patient care in the US. And not just in the US, I mean, we had a patient that flew all the way over from France right.

Joe:            Absolutely. So in addition to the patient advocates we talked to more than a handful of CIOs. I think it was 12-13, who really got us up to date on what’s going one, what they’ve done last year, what they’re doing the next year.

Rayanne:   ICD10, big data, predict of analytics, population of health. What are they doing to make a different for their own facilities, their own systems? It’s been inspiring. It’s also been a little awe some. And when I say that I don’t like mean “Totally awesome dude.” I’m talking about, I’m in awe at the work and the achievements that these men and women have accomplished in such a short time.

You know, what they’ve had to do to be ready. Considering geo-location, we talked to one CIO yesterday who’s, all he could talk about was geo-location the whole time. So would anybody even think that this should be part of this conference five years ago? I’m sure not right.

And one of the things that I, in particular, was interested in, and made note of yesterday. And it’s been re-Twitted several times, is the many women that we saw that were heads of information technology for their organizations. That’s a big shift. And I’d be interested to study that a little bit more and see if that is because it’s healthcare that we see that difference. Because I can tell you, other technology, areas of technology, other industries where that is not the case.

Joe:            You know Rayanne, it may be an indication of CTG and where and how they’re able to develop good relationship. And they also kind of have that strong mix of really talented women in their organization.

Rayanne:   They absolutely do.

Joe:            You know, we also talked to some of the leaders of CTG, Mike Garzon, Mike Bunch, CTG. And we got to understand their culture even more. What a great workplace.

Rayanne:   What a great culture, yeah great place to work. They, of course, want individuals that have knowledge, skills, and experience. But they’re also looking at folks that are good fit for this organization. And not only the organization but for the clients that they serve.

Joe:            I guess my parting shot is thank you so much to CTG Health Solutions for making this possible. Rayanne you’ve been terrific. It’s been so much fun.

Rayanne:   Thank you for asking me to be your co-host. It’s been an incredible journey. This is my first time at HIMSS and I hope to be back. I cannot believe what I have been missing out. As somebody who’s been a technology advocate for the last ten years, I’m surprised that I haven’t been here. And I am still completely fascinated and in awe by this scope of this event.

Joe:            Great, well we’re on this bus for a long time I’m sure.

Rayanne:   Good.

Joe:            That wraps our special recap for #HIMSS15. On behalf of my co-host Rayanne Thorne, I am Joe Lavelle. Please come and check out Intrepid Health Care on the web,

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