Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Sam Zebarjadi: Old school patient care delivered by modern mobile technology


Sam Zebarjadi
Co-Founder + CEO
Medicast (link)
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Doctors on demand!

The return of the house call.

The Uber of healthcare. And like Uber, will Medicast totally DISRUPT the healthcare space?

The healthcare concierge returns?

Shifting healthcare from a physician-focused to patient (consumer) focused.

The meticulous process to select and allow doctors into the Medicast network.

How is the ACA impacting Medicast?

Are emergency rooms (ERs) on their way out because of Medicast?

How does Medicast integrate into your healthcare insurance?

Sam Zebarjadi

Sam Zebarjadi


Sam is an expert in mobile, consumer, and enterprise technologies with over 12 years in the wireless industry. In 6 years at Nokia, he designed and deployed large-scale consumer services with 25+ wireless carriers in over 20 countries around the world, and previously he played an integral role across a series of technical and business-related activities for the $36bn Sprint-Nextel merger, has led sales and marketing efforts into numerous Fortune 1000 corporations, and has been responsible for portfolio enhancement and business expansion to new markets and verticals for a number of large and small organizations.

He has been featured and interviewed in numerous media outlets including CNN Headline News and USA Today. Sam is also a mentor to 500 Startups, Four Athens, and The Iron Yard, and is an advisor to several early- and growth-stage startups.



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