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Readying for HFMA ANI in Orlando

Readying for HFMA ANI in Orlando

The Velocity Interoperability Blog and Velocity Interoperability Podcast are sponsored by Velocity Health Informatics. Velocity provides both data quality and data integration as a service offerings to ensure that healthcare providers access the correct patient record with the right data for each patient they serve.  See the introductory blog post. Visit Velocity on the Web and follow them on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook!

Readying for HFMA ANI in Orlando

TODAYS GUEST Cindy Dullea, Chief Marketing Officer, Experian Health

Cindy joined us to provide her insights on HFMA ANI. Specifically, we discuss the following with Cindy:

  1. Why is HFMA ANI important to Experian Health?
  2. How is HFMA ANI different from other big trade shows that you participate in?
  3. Is there anything at this years show that you recommend our listeners won¹t want to miss?
  4. What is Experian Health doing to in your booth this year at HFMA ANI?  Any interesting activities happening?
  5. We learned at HIMSS17 about Experian offering your UIM at no charge, and I have been so excited about hearing how the industry has responded? I know it has only been a couple months, but how has the response been so far?
  6. We know that patient engagement is a key focus in the industry, can you talk about what Experian Health is doing to support an improved patient experience?
  7. Analytics is always a topic that our users want to hear more about, can you talk about Experian Health approach to analytics, especially as it relates to the Healthcare Financial Executives that will be attending HFMA ANI?

Previous Interviews With Cindy

About Cindy Dullea

Cindy Dullea started her professional career as a Registered Nurse working in the critical care and ER/Trauma departments of several large health systems. With significant experience in the healthcare arena, Cindy has worked for providers, payers and vendors. Her diverse background brings a unique perspective and deep understanding of the positions held by all major stakeholders. Most recently, she was a partner at Marbella Technologies, which was sold to GetWellNetwork in July 2014. Cindy was the SVP of Marketing for SCI Solutions and helped launch the company in 1999. She has also held positions at McKesson, HealthVISION, QuadraMed, the Eclipsys Corporation and Thomson Medstat. She holds an MBA from Stephens College and attended the Executive Business Course at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Cindy is board certified in Nursing Informatics, a Certified Healthcare Access Manager and retired from the US Navy, holding the rank of Rear Admiral and was the Deputy Commander of the Navy Medicine National Capital Area and Deputy Director of the Navy Nurse Corps.

About Experian Health


More than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health. These providers—along with thousands of medical practices, labs, pharmacies and other risk-bearing entities—are making smarter business decisions, boosting their bottom lines and strengthening patient relationships. Our clients have discovered the value of our revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management solutions to power opportunities in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

Experian Health is powered by the strong healthcare heritage of our legacy companies, plus the deep data and analytics capabilities of Experian. This unique combination positions us well to help you succeed.


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The Velocity Interoperability Blog and Velocity Interoperability Podcast are sponsored by Velocity Health Informatics. Velocity provides both data quality and data integration as a service offerings to ensure that healthcare providers access the correct patient record with the right data for each patient they serve.  Visit Velocity on the Web and follow them on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook!


Joe Lavelle 00:53 Welcome to the Velocity Interoperability Podcast brought to us by the gurus at Velocity, I am your host, Joe Lavelle and I am really looking forward to another thought provoking discussion where we further investigate data quality, interoperability and medical record remediation.

We’re going to get right to it today we’re joined by Cindy Dullea, Chief Marketing Officer of Experian Health. Cindy, Welcome to the Show!

Cindy Dullea 01:15 Thank you Joe, it’s good to be here.

Joe Lavelle 01:16 Well it’s great to hear your voice after having spent so much time together at HIMSS. I know that our other audiences know a lot about what you do at Experian Health, but could you give this audience a 10,000 foot overview of how you serve your customers at Experian Health?

Cindy Dullea 01:30 I would be happy to, absolutely. Experian health has the pleasure and the privilege of servicing over almost 60% of the healthcare hospital market in the United States, and we do that through our premiere offerings with our both front and back end revenue cycle management products, our identity management products, our care management products and our data and analytics products and we do a lot in empowering patients through our patient engagement.

Joe Lavelle 02:02 Thank you so much for that Cindy. And we asked Cindy to join us today to discuss the Healthcare Financial Management Association Annual National Institute Conference on June 25 in Orlando. HFMA ANI, as it’s commonly referred to, is the premier annual education event for healthcare finance executives as it brings together over 5,000 healthcare professionals from around the country each year to participate in over 80 expert-led sessions and see the latest from more than 400 industry vendors.

Cindy, why is HFMA ANI important to Experian Health?

Cindy Dullea 02:35 Well, for us it is really the opportunity for once a year to be up close and personal with what we see as our most important potential clients and our clients and that is really hospital, chief financial officers, revenue cycle management directors and executives. Really this is the sweet spot in the market that we play in and to really get an opportunity to have those folks come by our booth and spend time with us to learn about our product line, to learn about the new and innovative type things we’re doing is really quite frankly paramount to us in why we want to always be at this show.

Joe Lavelle 03:19 I mentioned HIMSS, how is HFMA ANI different from other big trade shows that you participate in?

Cindy Dullea 03:25 I would say it’s probably a couple of different ways that it’s different. HIMSS as you well know is a very, very large show. It was really geared originally towards the chief information officer, and over the years that well all the years that I’ve been going to it, it’s growing into a much larger show where there are meaningful conversations both at the CIO level, but also as organizations are looking at interoperability and the ability to partner with one another to expand their offerings, I think that’s where the HIMSS sweet spot is, so to speak. With ANI it’s a much smaller show and it’s a much more intimate show. It is still attended by that group of professionals that we vendors want to speak with and that is of course the financial side of healthcare operations.

And so for us HIMSS is a very different show, both shows we need to be at, but for different reasons and for different levels of conversation.

Joe Lavelle 04:24 Is there anything at this years ANI show that you recommend our listeners won’t want to miss?

Cindy Dullea 04:28 Well obviously it would be my booth. And that would be booth number 619. The nice thing about ANI is they stay true to their roots in terms of the activities that they plan for and do to support the chief financial officer and to support the financial operations in a healthcare organization. So I think there wake up sessions that they’ll be doing, they drive, they are attendees into the exhibit hall for meals and for social activities, and so it really does blend a little bit of the educational type sessions along with the exhibit hall sessions where one is more of a structured program and the other one is really obviously up to the attendee in where they want to go.

Joe Lavelle 05:14 I know you’ll have some really great things going on in your booth. What can you tell us about that?

Cindy Dullea 05:20 Yeah, absolutely. We obviously are going to be bringing our new global brand as you know back before HIMSS, we at Experian launched a brand new global brand with a brand new look and feel. So this will be the first ANI show that we have that new booth in the exhibit floor. During the exhibit hours which are Monday and Tuesday. We’ve got a number of client speakers, we’ve got Mike Byer from Stanford and he’s going to be speaking around our collections optimization products, and we’ve got Melissa Sawyer from Chesapeake Regional and she’s going to talk about patient engagement and what Chesapeake is doing in the patient engagement arena.

In addition to that we are also going to be featuring a number of different products. Our data and analytics product is continuing to be enhanced and we’ll be featuring that product. We’ll be featuring our coverage discovery product and we’ll be featuring our client manager product. Those are all newer products that are giving additional functionality and are going to be available for all of our users and our perspective users here in the months to come, and we are thrilled to be featuring them in our booth at ANI.

Joe Lavelle 06:33 Outstanding. I was so excited to learn at HIMSS17 that you were offering your UIM at no charge to help with this huge problem of identifying patients. How as the industry responded since then? I know it has only been a couple months, but what kind of feedback are getting?

Cindy Dullea 06:49 The feedback has just been absolutely outstanding. It’s exciting to see organizations that are sharing our vision for that unique patient identifier. We’ve got a number of innovative clients that have signed on and are in the process of implementing our Universal Identity Manager. In addition to that we at Experian Health are watching very closely the movement here in my area of the woods, Washington DC, in terms of Congress looking at the unique identifier and pushing through some initiatives that we hope will improve patient safety which I think is really the cornerstone for why you would want to have a unique patient identifier. So we started this at HIMSS and the traction has really quite frankly been very exciting to watch over the last couple of months.

Joe Lavelle 07:43 Cindy, you’ve mentioned patient engagement a minute ago and we all know that that’s really a key focus of many of the attendees at HIMSS and now I’m sure at HFMA (ANI), can you talk about what Experian Health is doing to support and improve patient experience?

Cindy Dullea 08:00 So were approaching patient engagement revolution, is probably a great word to use.

Joe Lavelle 08:06 I love it.

Cindy Dullea 08:07 .. with being to empower our patients to be able to have the ability to self-service all of the financial components of their medical care. So the ability to be able to go online and produce an estimate of what it’s going to cost to say have a procedure like an MRI, the ability to be able to see what my bill is online, the ability to be able to pay that bill online, to be able to pre-reg. We came out just recently in the last couple of weeks with a new product called Patient’s Schedule, which is going to allow patients to be able to schedule their own appointments for procedures and things like that. We’re excited, we feel that that really brings the full gambit of self service options for a patient to be able to manage their medical care from a financial aspect.

Joe Lavelle 09:06 Analytics is a topic that our listeners and I’m sure the healthcare finance executives that are attending HFMA want to hear about, can you talk about Experian Health’s approach to analytics, especially as it relates to those executives?

Cindy Dullea 09:21 Absolutely. We’ve got a product right now that is widely utilized called The Power Analytics Tool. And that really brings the ability to see across products, the data that is being collected and it shows them in a very dashboard kind of visual way the ability to look at analysis and that conglomeration of the data in one place for an executive to see.

I think what’s exciting and what’s coming out next is what I call predictive analysis, and that’s the ability to be able to do something with that data in real time. That I can bring that data to you, I can tell you that you’ve got an issue or a problem. I can alert you to it and I give you the tools and the capability to be able to use that data at the moment that you see it and make real time decisions around that data that will affect your business and affect your day-to-day operations.

We are getting ready right now to go into data with several clients that have signed on to be our partners with this, and we’re really hoping to have this product available in the fall. We will be featuring it at ANI and it will be available for general release in the fall and we’re very excited about it.

Joe Lavelle 10:38 That’s awesome. Thank you so much and Cindy, It was so great to have you, thanks for stopping by and sharing your plans for ANI.

Cindy Dullea 10:45 Well Joe, as always. It’s a pleasure to chat with you also. Thanks for including me in your broadcast.

Joe Lavelle 10:50 Sure, it’s my pleasure. And we’re going to make sure we all stop by at booth 619 and see you there in Orlando. Thank you so much.

Before we wrap this conversation, we’d like to thank the great folks at Velocity for sponsoring the show once again. Please go to to find out more about the innovative ways that they are solving the data quality and interoperability needs of their clients. And now on behalf of our guest, Cindy Dullea, I am Joe Lavelle, and we’ll be back soon with another informative episode of the Velocity Interoperability Podcast. See you then.


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