Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Promoting Interoperability and Incorporating Behavioral Health Info at #HIMSS17

Hello, and welcome to the intrepidNOW Media Network! We invite you to Start Promoting Your #HIMSS17 Plans!  

Promoting Interoperability and Incorporating Behavioral Health Info at #HIMSS17

We are excited to bring you this series from intrepid Healthcare on #HIMSS17. We will bring you some of the companies or organizations that we feel really do a great job participating in conferences like HIMSS. We will share their plans and show-off what we feel is unique about their approaches to #HIMSS17. 

OUR GUEST  Doug Dietzman, Executive Director, Great Lakes Health Connect

Doug joined us to talk to us about their plans to present on Promoting Interoperability and Incorporating Behavioral Health Info at #HIMSS17.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Doug on this episode:

  1. (2:53) We reached out to you because we know that you have been selected to present at HIMSS 17 in Orlando and we do large amount of HIMSS preview shows every year. Will you start by telling why you think attending and presenting at HIMSS is important?
  2. (3:49) What will the topic of your presentation be?
  3. (4:27) Can behavioral health information be seamlessly and securely integrated in HIEs like Great Lakes Health Connect with today’s technology?
  4. (6:04) Will you describe GLHC’s longitudinal health record repository, known as the Virtual Integrated Patient Record (VIPR) (including behavioral health) for our audiece
  5. (8:46) Why is in insufficient to think of “Interoperability” as the ability for different information technology systems to communicate?
  6. (11:41) What do you think of building interoperability one community at a time and then linking communities instead of building it nationally?
  7. (13:48) What else do you hope to accomplish while attending HIMSS17 in Orlando?
  8. (14:24) Do you have any tips for HIMSS-goers?

Check out Great Lakes Health Connect on the Web and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN!

About Great Lakes Health Connect  (from

Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) is Michigan’s largest Health Information Exchange (HIE). As a nonprofit resource, GLHC is committed to creating care-connected communities across Michigan. Our vision is to enhance patient experience, improve health outcomes, and reduce costs across the continuum of care.

GLHC offers the most comprehensive, flexible, and secure portfolio of HIE products and services in Michigan. While these tools are important, GLHC strives to be a community partner, implementing real solutions to the challenges facing healthcare providers. We are committed to our role as a resource, creating care-connected communities.

About Doug Dietzman

Doug Dietzman, Executive Director for Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC), has over 25 years of experience in information technology leadership focused primarily in the healthcare and health insurance markets. Mr. Dietzman has overall responsibility for GLHC’s business and technical operations and achieving the organization’s mission on behalf of Michigan’s citizens and healthcare communities across the state.

Great Lakes Health Connect is among the leading providers of health information exchange services in the nation. Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, GLHC seamlessly and securely facilitates the transmission of more than a billion messages a year across 129 health systems and nearly 4,000 primary, secondary, and allied care provider offices across the state. The community-based nonprofit is dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare information by creating care-connected communities across Michigan and beyond. For more information, visit

Mr. Dietzman holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management from Biola University and was named a 2011 Thought Leader in Health Care by Business Review West Michigan.

Mr. Dietzman is a member of the following organizations:
– Health Business Solutions Committee, HIMSS
– Health Information Exchange Committee, HIMSS
– eHealth Initiative Leadership Counsel


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