Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare on The HC Podcasters Blab

We are excited to bring you this re-cap of The Healthcare Podcaster Blab on Monday 5/9/16 featuring Janet Kennedy, host of Get Social Health (@GetSocialHealth),  Jared Johnson, host of The Health IT Marketer Podcast (@JaredPiano),  Todd Eury of the Pharmacy Podcast (@PharmacyPodcast) and our Joe Lavelle (@Resultant) . The Healthcare Podcaster Blab is a weekly show in which we explore current topics that we are seeing on our shows and in which we feature a special guest, often related to the topics being discussed.  

Special Guest:

  • Todd Schlesinger, Vice President of Business Development for JVION, joined us to discuss the current state of Predictive Analytics in Healthcare and much more!  Thank you Todd!


The Healthcare Podcasters Blab 5/9/16:

Todd shares some really great information and you don’t want to miss it!


About Todd Schlesinger

Todd Schlesinger is an accomplished healthcare professional with more than 15 years experience working within the healthcare information technology space. He has an extensive background in both consulting services and business development for a range of healthcare institutions. He possess a successful track record of meeting workflow and technology challenges of a diverse list of healthcare clients throughout both the public and private sectors.Todd has devoted his career to helping healthcare executives address industry, organizational and departmental challenges by implementing solutions that ultimately improve patient outcomes and the bottom line. Through his consultative approach to business development and relationship management skills, Todd has maintained a strong reputation as a customer advocate and is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction with his clients.


We started Jvion with a concise mission—use algorithms and data to save lives. And every day we ask ourselves, “how can we apply our solutions to improve the health of individuals and the community?” For us, the value in what we do isn’t tied to the sophistication of our technologies; it is tied to the lives that we save and the health outcomes that we improve. At our heart, we are a clinical algorithms company. Our model leverages advanced statistics and machine intelligence to predict events that happen within a hospital.

We transform these events into the clinical and financial use cases that comprise our solution and deliver predictive capabilities to help hospitals:

  • Prevent patient-level disease through real-time analytics
  • Aggregate risk to understand population health threats from a patient-level risk perspective
  • Predict and prevent potential reimbursement losses
  • Understand enterprise and clinical performance relative to their peers and the industry

These insights are enabling providers to better prioritize care efforts, target interventions, and focus patient care so that health outcomes are improved and waste is reduced. (from


himss16 tweetABLEWe encourage you to see how intrepidNow Healthcare collaborated with JVION to broadcast #PredictWhatMatters from HIMSS ’16.   you can listen in to many great interviews of various executive Predictive Analytics stakeholders here.

Visit JVION on the Web and follow them on Twitter, LinkedIN and Facebook!

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JOE LAVELLE is a Healthcare Management and Technology Consultant with a record of successfully meeting the business and technology challenges of diverse organizations including health plans, health delivery networks, and health care companies for 25 years. Joe worked his way up through Cap Gemini and Andersen Consulting to the partner/VP level of at First Consulting Group, Technology Solutions Group and Santa Rosa Consulting. After running his own company, Results First Consulting, for 12 years Joe Co-Founded intrepidNow with Todd Schnick to create incredible content to dramatically improve the sales and marketing efforts of their clients.