Friday 27 January 2023
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Predictive Analytics Guru Updates Book

Predictive Analytics

OUR GUEST  Eric Siegel, Founder of Predictive Analytics World and Author of Predictive Analytics – The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie or Die, joined the show to talk to us about the current state of predictive analytics and about the revised and updated version of his book.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Eric on this episode:

  1. (4:51) How does Predictive Analytics (PA) work?
  2. (5:55) How does PA drive commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and law enforcement?
  3. (7:37) What is the real reason the NSA wants our data?
  4. (9:52) What are the most bizarre discoveries from data?
  5. (11:47) What can you tell us about how the healthcare industry is using predictive analytics?
  6. (14:31) What should all businesses learn about persuasion from presidential campaigns?
  7. (16:35) What have I missed, what else will readers learn when they go to Amazon and purchase your book?

Check out Eric’s book on the Web and connect on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN!

Also check out this super fun Predictive Analytics Rap that was just released.


About the Book 

Predictive AnalyticsIn this lucid, captivating introduction — now in its Revised and Updated edition — former Columbia University professor and Predictive Analytics World founder Eric Siegel reveals the power and perils of prediction:

  • What type of mortgage risk Chase Bank predicted before the recession.
  • Predicting which people will drop out of school, cancel a subscription, or get divorced before they even know it themselves.
  • Why early retirement predicts a shorter life expectancy and vegetarians miss fewer flights.
  • Five reasons why organizations predict death — including one health insurance company.
  • How U.S. Bank and Obama for America calculated — and Hillary for America 2016 plans to calculate — the way to most strongly persuade each individual.
  • Why the NSA wants all your data: machine learning supercomputers to fight terrorism.
  • How IBM’s Watson computer usedpredictive modeling to answer questions and beat the human champs on TV’s Jeopardy!
  • How companies ascertain untold, private truths — how Target figures out you’re pregnant and Hewlett-Packard deduces you’re about to quit your job.
  • How judges and parole boards rely on crime-predicting computers to decide how long convicts remain in prison.
  • 183 examples from Airbnb, the BBC, Citibank, ConEd, Facebook, Ford, Google, the IRS, LinkedIn,, MTV, Netflix, PayPal, Pfizer, Spotify, Uber, UPS, Wikipedia, and more.

How does predictive analytics work? This jam-packed book satisfies by demystifying the intriguing science under the hood. For future hands-on practitioners pursuing a career in the field, it sets a strong foundation, delivers the prerequisite knowledge, and whets your appetite for more.

Predictive analytics transcends human perception. This book’s final chapter answers the riddle:What often happens to you that cannot be witnessed, and that you can’t even be sure has happened afterward — but that can be predicted in advance?

A truly omnipresent science, predictive analytics constantly affects our daily lives. Whether you are a consumer of it — or consumed by it — get a handle on the power of Predictive Analytics. (from )


About Eric Siegel 
Eric-Siegel2Eric Siegel, Ph.D. is the founding conference chair of Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World, as well as the President of Prediction Impact, Inc., a company that provides analytics services to businesses. Dr. Siegel is the instructor of the acclaimed training program, Predictive Analytics for Business, Marketing and Web, and the online version, Predictive Analytics Applied. He has published over 20 papers and articles in data mining research and computer science education and has served on 10 conference program committees.


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