Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Population Health and Interoperability

Population Health and Interoperability

Population Health and Interoperability


Bruno Nardone, Senior Vice President, Solutions – Population Health at NextGen Healthcare


Bruno joined us to discuss Population Health and Interoperability.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Bruno:

  1. (4:39) How many customers are actually doing population health management? 10’s? 100’s? 1000’s?
  2. (7:06) With so much industry buzz regarding population health management, how can providers sort through the noise to identify the best interoperability strategies to support their population health initiatives? Once identified, what are some practical first steps for introducing new tactics?
  3. (11:05) Should HIEs be standardizing or non-standardizing data? What is your approach (analytics)?
  4. (14:29) How is your solution for health information exchange and interoperability/connectivity laying the groundwork for strong population health programs at your customers? What type of data do your solutions to enable more targeted care?
  5. (17:19) Are there data types that you find are more valuable than others to providers when mapping out care plans?
  6. (20:20) What advice would you give to CIO at a provider in relation to developing their plan for data and HIEs and Population Health?
  7. (23:09) What’s next for your Population Health products? What can your customers expect to see from you in 2017?

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About NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare helps ambulatory care organizations transition to value-based care by empowering them to nurture measurably healthier patient communities at a lower cost. Our solutions, optimized by physicians, developed with input from our 90,000 providers, and based on almost 25 years of ambulatory expertise, help ease the burdens of HIT and enable practices to improve individual outcomes and nurture a healthier population.


About Bruno Nardone

Bruno Nardone is a senior healthcare strategy, operations and business development executive with a proven track record of leading high performance teams that open new markets and deliver increased revenue. He has a keen focus on the development and execution of healthcare business strategies for improved quality, outcomes, and efficiency.

Bruno joined NextGen Healthcare with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, largely focused on Health IT strategic planning, business development, and leading teams in the development and integration of health-related solutions. In his current role he leads all aspects of solution strategy for NextGen’s population health management offerings for both provider site and communities, including solutions being used by some of the country’s largest health information exchanges.

Prior to NextGen, Bruno was HIT Practice Leader at Health Advances, a business strategy consulting firm specializing in commercialization and growth strategy for healthcare product companies across all industry segments.

In previous roles Bruno has led strategy development and initiatives in numerous health industry segments. At Allscripts, he served as VP of Connected Health Solutions, where he led several cross-organizational initiatives to develop new profit centers for Value Based Care/Population Health Management, integrate mobile platforms, and identify and integrate key acquisitions. While at SAIC, serving as first Vice President for Healthcare Transformation, he led the development and execution of new solutions focused on Patient Centered Care models. Earlier, at IBM Global Business Services, he served in a variety of roles across private sector and government healthcare, honing expertise in enterprise strategic planning and business development, as well as a wide range of health-related solutions, such as electronic health records, public health, and health information exchanges.

Bruno started his career as a Hospital Administrator in the New York metropolitan area where he managed clinical and non-clinical departments, as well as strategic projects ranging from Joint Commission Survey coordination to facilities redesign and satellite care-site development.  Bruno earned his BS at Cornell University and Master of Health Services Administration and Policy at George Washington University. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

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