Friday 27 January 2023
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Patty Everette, Healthpons, and Transparent Healthcare Shopping

Patty Everette of Healthpons

Patty Everette of Healthpons

You’ve seen her on Shark Tank, now hear Patty Everette, Founder and CEO of Healthpons, on the Intrepid Healthcare Show to discuss a revolution!

Healthpons search engine allows patients to shop for, compare prices and quality, purchase and book appointments online. Healthpons providers bring a wealth of knowledge to patients regarding quality and PRICING transparency!

*Is it possible to reduce the friction between Physicians, Insurance Companies, and Patients?
*Is it possible for Physicians to receive payment on THE DAY services are rendered?
*Is it possible for Patients to receive the best price available to ANYONE?

Today’s conversation answers these questions and more.

To learn more about Healthpons, find them online at

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