Tuesday 9 August 2022
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Navin Haffty Studies Show MEDITECH Hospitals Are More Profitable and Have Better Clinical Quality Scores

Navin Haffty Studies Show MEDITECH Hospitals Are More Profitable and Have Better Clinical Quality Scores

Navin Haffty Studies Show MEDITECH Hospitals Are More Profitable and Have Better Clinical Quality Scores


John Haffty, CEO of Navin, Haffty and Associates

David Haffty, Director of Business Development for Navin, Haffty and Associates

John and David joined us to discuss recent Navin Haffty Studies that Show MEDITECH Hospitals Are More Profitable and Have Better Clinical Quality Scores than Hospitals that use Cerner and Epic. Specifically, we discuss the following with John and David on this episode:

  1. (1:59) One of the reasons that we wanted to have you on the show is because you’ve recently completed a couple studies comparing the performance of hospitals in terms of quality scores and profitability based on which EMR they are using. Will you first tell us what motivated you to do such important studies and then how you went about doing the studies?
  2. (5:35) What are some of those things (why results show better clinical quality scores at MEDITECH hospitals) that you speculate?
  3. (11:16) Have you added specifics components to your implementation methodology to help MEDITECH hospitals achieve higher clinical scores?
  4. (13:15) You also studied the correlation of the EMR products with hospital profitability, what did you find there?
  5. (25:55) What is the next step of your efforts to study the market?

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About Navin, Haffty and Associates


Since our inception in 2001, Navin, Haffty & Associates’ sole focus has been providing solutions that maximize the value of your MEDITECH EHR. The experience we have gained along the way has made us the largest and most respected MEDITECH consulting firm in North America. This exclusive focus has allowed us to provide clients with greater insight and understanding of MEDITECH’s capabilities and the expertise to better deliver innovative tools, solutions, and strategies that improve your operational performance and enhance patient care quality.

About John Haffty

John Haffty brings over thirty (30) years of Healthcare Information Systems experience and is a recognized expert in the MEDITECH HCIS. With Jim Navin, he formed Navin, Haffty & Associates. Since its founding in 2001, Navin, Haffty & Associates has grown into the largest consulting company that is focused exclusively on the MEDITECH market. John has worked with some of MEDITECH’s largest and most complex organizations. Further, John meets regularly with the leadership of MEDITECH to maintain close contact with their developments and plans and to share real-world experience with them. John has remained active working with some of the largest health systems that use the MEDITECH HCIS. His focus has been preparing organizations for migration from MAGIC to 6.0, preparing to achieve Meaningful Use status and large-scale IT organization modeling. John holds a Masters of Business Administration as well as a B.A. in Sociology from Clark University, Worcester, MA.

About David Haffty

David Haffty has over ten (10) years of technology-based transformational consulting, operational improvement and project management experience, all of which have been spent delivering technology solutions across the United States, Australia, China, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. During his years as a business and IT consultant, David led a variety of planning and implementation engagements as part of transformational programs including developing business cases and benefits realization plans, leading organizational change management and documenting current and designing future states across all departments. His experience helping organizations plan, gain buy-in for and implement technology solutions to transform departments and organizations serve him well in understanding the needs of hospitals in his current role as Director of Business Development with Navin, Haffty & Associates.


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