Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Leading the Way in Modernizing Medicine with Modernizing Medicine

Modernizing Medicine

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Michael Sherling, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Modernizing Medicine 

Dr. Sherling joined us to discuss how Modernizing Medicine is helping physicians to increase efficiencies in their medical practices while improving both treatment and business outcomes.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Dr. Sherling:

  1. What inspired you to found Modernizing Medicine?
  2. What is EMA™ (Electronic Medical Assistant®)
    Discuss what makes EMA different
    – Example: Look at EMA Dermatology
  3. How do you go to market? Who are your customers?
  4. What can you tell us about your soon to be launched Telemedicine functionality?
  5. After 25 years of discussion of the potential, why are Telemedicine applications are surging now?
  6. What are the Telemedicine Benefits for patients?  for physicians?
  7. What is next for Modernizing Medicine?

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About Modernizing Medicine

Every day we help physicians increase efficiencies in their medical practices while improving both treatment and business outcomes. We broke away from the crowd in the development of our template-free, macro-free electronic medical records (EMR) system so that we could stand out with dramatically different technology – specialty-specific EMR technology that thinks like a physician.

Our solution, EMA™, the Electronic Medical Assistant®, holds a distinctive position in healthcare technology that blends smoothly into your practice. We believe that an EMR system shouldn’t get in the way of how you practice medicine. It should function intelligently just like you. Like a true assistant, it should anticipate your next move.

But our goal is to do more than give you a better EMR system. Our mission is to “modernize medicine.” We are achieving this by combining the features of EMA with structured treatment and outcomes data from millions of patient encounters to give you not only top-rated tools, but also in-depth nationwide medical knowledge to do what you do best: treat patients and improve healthcare.

We help doctors get work done faster and get out of the office sooner, because every minute matters…in your medical practice and in your life.

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Dr. Michael Sherling’s Bio

Dr. Michael Sherling is the Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of Modernizing Medicine, Inc., a healthcare IT company that is revolutionizing the way in which medical information is created, consumed and utilized to increase efficiency, lower costs and improve outcomes. The company’s flagship product, Electronic Medical Assistant® (EMA™), is a cloud-based, specialty-specific electronic medical records (EMR) system built by practicing physicians. Founded in February 2010, Modernizing Medicine has grown to approximately 430 employees and has raised over $85M in funding.

Dr. Sherling has been a dermatologist since 2006 and is currently practicing in a comprehensive skin care dermatology group in Palm Beach County, Florida. He is an expert in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology, and is licensed in the state of Florida. Prior to relocating to Florida, he was the Associate Director of Laser Medicine and Skin Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He has several publications in peer reviewed medical literature.

Dr. Sherling obtained his BS in Biology at Brown University with honors in 1996, his MD from Yale School of Medicine with honors in 2002, and his MBA from Yale School of Management in 2002. He received his clinical training at Harvard Medical School, where he served as chief resident in dermatology and was the youngest physician to serve as the Associate Residency Program Director for Harvard Medical School’s Department of Dermatology.

This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

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