Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Modern Day House Call with Telemedicine

Modern Day House Call

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Jonathan Clarke, Founder and CEO of Mend

Dr. Clarke joined us to discuss how Mend is bringing back the Modern Day House Call using Telemedicine.  Specifically, we discuss the following withDr. Clarke:

  1. (3:04) Other than my recent interview with Hunter Howard, the President of Hormone Therapeutics, I have no recent exposure to the Startup Community in Dallas? What can you tell us about the environment in Dallas for entrepreneurial companies?
  2. (3:53) I understand that you recently announced a very interesting Partnership with Children’s Health of Texas, will you please describe how you will be working with them?
  3. (5:15) A speaker at a recent telemedicine conference that I attended reported that telemedicine was transitioning from the early adopter stage to the early majority in the Gartner model. Given this rapid growth, how do you see the future of patient/physician interaction?
  4. (6:34) Despite the positives signs for growth there must still be some challenges, what are the biggest current challenges to growing your business?
  5. (8:23) What advice would you give a fellow physician today that is considering implementing telemedicine in their practice?
  6. (10:43) What’s next for Mend? What can we expect from you as we head into 2016?
  7. (11:18) What have I missed? What else do we need to know about Mend?

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About Mend

At Mend, we want to change the way you access and experience healthcare. For starters, we’re delivering high quality, on-demand medical care right to your doorstep, for about the same cost as a typical urgent care visit. And it’s available with a few taps of your smartphone or keystrokes of your computer.

With Mend, we’ll diagnose and begin treatment of your illness or injury while you rest in your home, office or hotel. We can even have your prescriptions delivered after your visit, because we know it’s no fun to wait at a pharmacy when you’re sick. Our mobile clinic is equipped with nearly everything you’d find in a traditional urgent care clinic and it’s staffed with highly experienced, board certified emergency physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

We’re Mend and we’re here to serve you, Dallas. We want to make healthcare more convenient, more transparent, and more affordable for everyone, starting right here in our community. You expect those qualities from every other service and it’s time you started expecting them from healthcare. Now you can.

Be well! – The Mend Team

For more details on our service, please visit our FAQ page.



About Dr. Jonathan Clarke

Dr. Clarke is a Board Certified Emergency Physician and a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. A decorated veteran, he served in the US Navy for over 14 years, with wartime tours as a physician in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has practiced Emergency Medicine since 2006 in Virginia, Florida and Texas. Dr. Clarke is currently a Major in the US Air Force Reserves, where he serves as a Flight Surgeon with the 457th Fighter Squadron.

Dr. Clarke is married and has two children. He and his family are proud residents of East Dallas, where they enjoy a variety of outdoor activities around White Rock Lake, including running, cycling, and sailing. He’s passionate about improving our community by making healthcare more convenient and affordable for residents of Dallas and beyond.


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