Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Making Progress on Interoperability in Health IT

Making Progress on Interoperability

OUR GUEST  Mohan Balachandran, Co-Founder and President of Catalyze, joined the show to talk to us about their mission of making progress on interoperability by providing HIPAA compliant, scalable, interoperable infrastructure.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Mohan on this episode:

  1. (3:36) Throughout HIMSS16 the conference buzz word was “interoperability.” What’s your opinion on why the sudden interest in interoperability?
  2. (6:01) Are interoperability and innovation related?
  3. (8:11) How far away do you feel interoperability is?
  4. (9:22) We’ve interviewed both the Common Well Alliance and The Seqouia Project on our show recently, what’s your take on groups like them and their interoperability efforts?
  5. (11:58) You work with a lot of healthcare IT vendors. What are some of those vendors realizing about interoperability when they go to integrate their technologies with EHRs.
  6. (15:29) Who needs to take ownership to ensure that interoperability happens? Government? Consumers? EHR vendors?
  7. (17:10) What’s next for Catalyze? What new things do you plan to bring to market in 2016?

Check out Catalyze on the Web and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIN!


About Mohan Balachandran

Mohan is an engineer by training, passionate about healthcare, data and technology. He is a firm believer in “connecting the dots.” He founded Catalyze to help bring change to healthcare.

Before founding Catalyze, Mohan worked within supply chain management and master data management. After securing degrees from IIT Bombay and University of Pennsylvania, he worked with Fortune 100 companies developing solutions for their supply chain and data management needs. From there, he applied lessons learned to healthcare at US Oncology (now part of McKesson) and Net.Orange (now part of NantHealth).

Mohan moved into multi-platform development after seeing first-hand the challenges of an emerging mobile economy. He is a YCombinator Summer 2012 alum. He has presented at various HIMSS and AHIP sessions, and is a noted speaker about compliance at healthcare events.  Mohan is currently focused on product and enterprise sales.

His favorite quote is: The best way to predict the future is to invent it.— Alan Kay  (from


About Catalyze

We believe the future of value-based patient care will be powered by HIPAA compliant, scalable, interoperable infrastructure.  Our cloud exists to help all healthcare transition to that future. Catalyze relieves the burden of compliance so teams can focus on bettering patient outcomes through faster innovation and better integration. We think compliance should not be a barrier to progress.

We are headquartered in Madison, WI, but are built to be a distributed team. The company has raised $6 million in funding lead by Baird Capital, Arthur Ventures, and Chicago Ventures. (from


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himss16 tweetABLEWe encourage you to see how intrepidNow Healthcare collaborated with JVION to broadcast #PredictWhatMatters from HIMSS ’16.   you can listen in to many great interviews of various executive Predictive Analytics stakeholders here.

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