Monday 4 July 2022
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Making it Easy to Discuss Death with Family and Friends

Making it Easy to Discuss Death

OUR GUEST  Nick Jehlen, Lead Designer and Partner of Common Practice, joined the show to talk to us about their mission of Making it Easy to Discuss Death with Family and Friends.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Nick on this episode:

  1. (5:35) How can a game can make everyone better at talking about challenging issues?
  2. (8:08) Why are tools a better way to change behaviors around end of life issues than training?
  3. (10:04) Why do conversations about end of life issues always wind up being about living rather than dying?
  4. (11:30) How is the game the best first step in the process of getting the conversation about death started?
  5. (17:05) What types of organizations are good targets for Common Practice?
  6. (18:35) What have I missed? What would you like people to know about The Gift of Grace that I have not asked you?

Check out Common Practice on the Web and follow them on Twitter!


About Nick Jehlen

Nick Jehlen is the lead designer of My Gift of Grace, a game that transforms anxiety about death into conversations about living. Nick leads the design and research practices for the company. Applying his background in human factors engineering and design, Nick has been creating innovative social interventions for over 20 years. These interventions are informed by his ongoing study of Gandhian nonviolent methods, including research into how popular movements create change on a societal level. His practice in nonviolent direct action focuses on bridging barriers to communication and the power of action to move both participants and audience to rethink problems and conflicts and come to lasting and ethical resolutions.
In 1993 and 1994, Nick traveled to Haiti on human rights observer missions and interviewed members of the resistance to the military coup. His reporting on these interviews was published in the Boston Globe. From 2006 to 2010, Nick was the lead designer and organizer of the Enough Fear campaign, which set up public phone hotlines between the US and Iran and used online tools to facilitate large-scale citizen diplomacy between Iranians and Americans through Facebook.  Connect with Nick on Twitter or LinkedIN!


Common Practice 

Common Practice is a healthcare innovation company that focuses on one of the most pervasive problems in healthcare today: the avoided conversations about serious illness and death. Learn more and join the Gift of Grace community on Facebook.


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