Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Leading the Way to HIMSS16 on Healthcare Price Transparency

Healthcare Price Transparency

We are excited to bring you this series from intrepid Healthcare on #HIMSS16. We will bring you some of the companies or organizations that we feel really do a great job participating in conferences like HIMSS. We will share their plans and show-off what we feel is unique about their approaches to HIMSS.    

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Johnathan Kaplan, Founder and CEO of BuildMyBod Health

Dr. Kaplan joined us to tell us about the great work that BuildMyBod is doing to ensure healthcare price transparency and also to discuss his plans for #HIMSS16.  Specifically, we discussed the following with Dr. Kaplan:

  1. (5:13) How does BuildMyBod work? Do you white label the solution for providers?
  2. (6:14) Will you give us a sense of the popularity of the cash pay model currently?
  3. (11:30) What’s your take on the future of healthcare cost containment?
  4. (13:36) We are hearing all kinds of conversations about Hospitals and healthcare price transparency, what is your take on that?
  5. (17:14) I understand you are presenting at HIMSS 16, will you tell us what you are speaking about?
  6. (19:26) What’s next for BuildmyBod? Is there anything new that people can expect from you as we head into 2016?

Link to  Price Transparency: Bringing Providers to the Table HIMSS16 Session Overview.

Check out BuildMyBod Health on the Web and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!


About Dr. Johnathan Kaplan

Dr. Johnathan Kaplan is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in San Francisco, CA and founder/CEO of BuildMyBod, an online marketplace for healthcare services that allows consumers to determine cost of out-of-pocket procedures, and purchase non-surgical services from its database of over 100 and growing board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists, primary care, dentists, Ob/Gyns and other health care providers that believe in price transparency.


About BuildMyBod Health

Healthcare Price TransparencyBuildMyBod® helps you find the right Plastic Surgeon, learn about procedures and review costs from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and PC. The application provides a simple and fast opportunity to learn more about plastic surgery from the privacy of your phone or computer. BuildMyBod® was created by Dr. Jonathan Kaplan, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dr. Kaplan based this app off one very important idea: if the patient is more knowledgeable about the procedure, including knowledge of the cost before they come in for the consultation, they are less likely to experience “sticker shock” and more likely to go from the exam room to the operating room. If you are a doctor and are interested in learning more please click here.  (From

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