Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Leading the Way in Social Media for Small Physician Practices

Social Media for Small Physician Practices

TODAYS GUEST Janet Kennedy, Host of Get Social Health

Janet joined us to discuss how she is Leading the way in Social Media for Small Physician Practices through her podcast and educational offerings.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Janet:

  1. (3:22) Why does healthcare have such a low adoption of Social Media?
  2. (4:50) What can be done to improve adoption of Social Media in Healthcare?
  3. (6:16) Who can be reach via Social Media in Healthcare? Who must be reached via other channels?
  4. (8:08) What is the Get Social Health Academy?
  5. (11:23) What Tradeshows or Conferences do you attend and/or feel that are valuable?
  6. (13:56) How do you listen to podcasts?
  7. (16:05) What are some other non-healthcare podcasts that you listen to?
  8. (19:49) What’s next, what can we expect from Get Social Health in 2016?

Visit Get Social Health on the Web to learn more about Janet’s Podcast and Get Social Health Academy to learn more about her Social Media educational opportunities.


About Janet’s Many Hats (from

Health Vue/Market Vue Partners: 
Responsible for Marketing and Digital Strategy for Health Vue and Market Vue Partners, a leading consumer analytics company with solutions for Healthcare, Utilities and Retail. Design and manage digital execution for company and clients.

“Get Social Health” Podcast Host
Producer and Host of the “Get Social Health” podcast focusing on interviews with professionals in healthcare social media discussing best practices for engagement, communication and community building. Member and Fellow of Mayo Clinic Social Media Network. Content author and trainer for EHR 2.0 focusing on social media and HIPAA compliance for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies.

Social Media Coach with Get Social Health & Online Speakeasy:
Social media strategy & community management for small business and professionals in LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter with expertise in community development, customer engagement and triggering action in support of customers and nonprofit organizations.

Marketing & Digital Expertise: 
A well-rounded marketing professional with 15+ years’ experience developing strategic plans that drive traffic and sales utilizing classic off-line and online marketing tools. Strategic marketer in digital and traditional media. Strong experience in retail and dealer lead generation and development. Deep experience in writing internal and external communications including web content, newsletters, ad copy and consumer collateral materials. Effective team, project and vendor management skills. Extensive experience in meeting planning & execution. Excellent public speaking, media relations and presentation skills.


About Get Social Health 

Get Social Health is a podcast about social media and how it’s being used to help hospitals, medical practices, healthcare practitioners and patients connect and engage via social media. Get Social Health presents conversations with professionals actively working in the field and provides real-life examples of healthcare social media in action.

As a career marketing and business woman, I have a strong appreciation of the power of social media. My goal is for Get Social Health to encourage healthcare systems and physician practices to enter social media and begin engaging with patients, community and practitioners.

During the podcast guests share their backgrounds and business experience along with their social media expertise that will educate and illuminate. We discuss specific case studies, experiences and best practice examples. Topics may include lessons learned and how to address specific social media topics like social media training, HIPAA awareness, negative feedback or emergency communications. Our goal is to present some specific actionable ideas and takeaways about the daily work being done.



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