Monday 4 July 2022
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Leading the Way in Pharmacy with the Pharmacy Podcast

Pharmacy Podcast

TODAYS GUEST Todd Eury, Founder and Publisher or Pharmacy Podcast

Todd joined us to tell us about the great things he is doing  on the Pharmacy Podcast and much more

  1. (3:50) Please tell us the story of what inspired you to create the Pharmacy Podcast back in 2009?
  2. (7:44) What are the hot topics in Pharmacy right now?
  3. (12:00) How have you been able to develop an audience of over 40,000+ listeners? What strategies have been most successful for you in audience building?
  4. (18:06) Tell us about your vision to have others join you on the Pharmacy Podcast.
  5. (19:51) What are some of the podcasts that you listen to regularly?
  6. (21:20) How do you listen to podcasts?
  7. (22:44) What is next for the Pharmacy Podcast? Where are you taking the show as we head into 2016?


About Todd

Todd S. Eury is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his initiatives to the business of pharmacy. His first company was the Pharmacy Technology Resource, a technology and automation consulting firm that helped pharmacy businesses gain a faster return on their investments. In March 2009, Eury began publishing the Pharmacy Podcast Show, an audio blog for pharmacy owners and management teams that features interviews on pharmacy technology, policy, business practices, marketing, and other related pharmacy business topics. According to Eury, the podcast is the world’s “only audio blog about the business of pharmacy.” The Pharmacy Podcast Show has more than 40,000 subscribers and listeners across more than 40 countries.  (from

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About Pharmacy Podcast

Pharmacy PodcastThe Pharmacy Podcast Show is about dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients. The Pharmacy Podcast Show is the only audio-blog about the business of pharmacy. Serial entrepreneur and self proclaimed “pharmacy business advocate” Todd Eury started the Pharmacy Podcast in March of 2009.

The podcast programs are about the business of Independent Community Retail, Compounding, Long-term Care, Specialty, and Small Chain pharmacy interviewing subject matter experts on a wide range of topics. The podcast also focuses on students as Future Pharmacy Leaders exploring the next generation pharmacist.

“The Pharmacy Podcast Show is about dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients” states Eury, “and the show is dedicated to pharmacists in all care settings within our healthcare system”.  (from


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