Sunday 3 July 2022
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Leading the Way in Healthcare Marketing

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TODAYS GUEST Jared Johnson, Founder and Principal of UItera Digital 

Jared joined us to tell us about podcasting, the great Healthcare Marketing work being done by Ultera Digital and much more:

  1. (2:38) What got you involved in Podcasting?
  2. (4:33) How do you define Content Marketing?
  3. (6:25) Do you podcast to create content or to educate?
  4. (8:40) Why do you think that #mHealth is really taking off now?
  5. (10:45) What other dynamics will drive the growth of #mHealth over the next year or two?
  6. (13:27) Tell us about the Healthcare Internet Conference next month and what you will be speaking about.
  7. (14:50) What other Tradeshows or Conferences do you attend and/or feel that are valuable?
  8. (16:11) What’s next, what can we expect from Ultera in 2016?
  9. (17:43) How do you listen to podcasts?
  10. (19:18) What are some other non-healthcare podcasts that you listen to?


About Jared

Jared is founder and principal at Ultera Digital, a healthcare-focused digital marketing consulting firm. He is a health IT and mHealth speaker and blogger. He is host of the Health IT Marketer Podcast, which airs new episodes every Wednesday.

Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIN!


About Ultera Digital

We are a digital marketing consulting firm that helps you take your digital marketing further. We help you strengthen your digital footprint by getting more out of your mobile apps, websites, social media, email, content marketing, search optimization and ___ (fill in the blank with the newest emerging technology).

We do this by:
-Mapping your user experiences
-Auditing your digital brand
-Providing tools for you to help yourself
-Benchmarking against competitors
-Offering digital services to fill in resource gaps
-Diving deep into analytics and recommending decisions based on gobs of data
-Orcs and stormtroopers (upon request)

We are actively accepting new health care clients who wish to take their digital marketing further, particularly in mobile and content marketing. Contact jared at for more information. (from

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