Sunday 24 January 2021
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Leading the Way in Active Patient Monitoring

active patient monitoring

TODAYS GUEST Greg Westerbeck, CEO  of DocView Solutions 

Greg joined us to discuss how DocView Solutions is quickly becoming the leading technology and tool to assist providers in the complex management of patients with chronic diseases.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Greg:

  1. (3:18) Why is telemedicine and specifically remote active patient monitoring growing so quickly?
  2. (4:18) What makes the DocView platform different?
  3. (6:12) Do you offer any other services beyond software?
  4. (6:46)  Is your product re-imbursed?
  5. (7:27) How do you go to market? Who is your customer?
  6. (10:45) How do you know you are using the right questions to identify problems?
  7. (12:45) What’s next for DocView? What can customers expect from you as we head into 2016?

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About DocView – How it Works

DocView’s integrated mobile program is quickly becoming the leading technology and the only emerging tool to assist providers in the complex management of patients with chronic diseases.

Clinicians quickly find that patients feel the iPad is very easy to use. They feel connected to their entire care team, regardless to where ever they may travel. The key is motivating the patient to become engaged in their care. What sets the DocView’s program apart from others, is this program engages the patient in all aspects of their care-signs, symptoms, health behaviors, and knowledge of these health behaviors.

The data has demonstrated a significant reduction in hospital re-admissions in patients with heart failure. It has consistently shown that for heart failure patients, use of the DocView mHealth system can improve and extend their lives. ( From )


About Greg Westerbeck

Chief Executive Officer & President of DocView mHealth Solutions, Greg Westerbeck has an MBA in Marketing and Finance and more than 25 years’ experience in global pharmaceuticals. He most recently led TransCare Partners LLC a start up partnership with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing specializing in the transitional care model developed at the university. He has had assignments in marketing, sales, alliance management and global business development. He has led 3 major product launches and led the development 3 new OTC categories through “Rx to OTC” switches (moving prescription drugs to OTC status). Early in his career, he worked in a startup business selling weight control and smoking cessation programs to hospitals. (from



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