Tuesday 21 March 2023
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Keith Toussaint of Mayo Clinic on Collaborative Application Development at #GC3HIMSS

jvionThis series from The Gulf Coast HIMSS Chapters Fall 2014 Conference (#GC3HIMSS) is brought to you by our partner JVION.  JVION is proud to support the efforts of many regional HIMSS including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia.  Read more about Big Data Analytics in Health Care and JVION’s patient-level predictions.  We are excited to be interviewing the presenters and sponsors for the conference on intrepid Healthcare!

Keith Toussaint, Executive Director, Collaborative Development Business Development at the Mayo Clinic joined us at #GC3HIMSS to talk about Collaborative Application Development.

We discuss the following with Keith on this episode:

  • Sampling of Exciting Collaborative Development Projects at Mayo
  • Utilization of More Modern Approaches/Platforms to Develop Healthcare Applications
  • The importance of standards “for means that they were designed”; “thoughtful use of standards”
  • Emphasis of Interoperability with latest stages of Meaningful Use encouraging
  • Knowledge is Mayo’s most scalable asset – this increases the importance of interoperability
  • How Mayo’s Culture designed to support innovation and entrepreneurialism
  • Mayo’s work is resulting in potential for genuine transformation; They are making it a priority to educate on what Mayo is doing and has don

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