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#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Jason Considine at #HIMSS17

#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Jason Considine at #HIMSS17

#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health's Jason Considine

This #JoinTheConversation series is brought to you by our partner Experian Health and the episodes were broadcast live in Experian Health’s booth (#3503) at the The HIMSS17 Annual Conference and Exhibition.  The interviews were recorded and published to the media player on this page.   Please read more about why more than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health.


Jason Considine, SVP Patient Collections and Engagement, Experian Health


Joe Lavelle 00:31 All right, I am Joe Lavelle, and I’m so excited to be bringing you #JoinTheConversation with my co-host Todd Eury live from HIMSS17. Todd, let’s give a shout out to our sponsor Experian Health, what a great partner they are.

Todd Eury 00:43 Joe, this has been an absolutely incredible experience more than 3,000 hospitals and health systems and 7000 other Healthcare professionals. Basically this is 60% of the United States Healthcare organizations partner with Experian Health on their industry leading revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management solutions. I’m so excited to be a part of this, very proud to be part of the Experian Health team here at HIMSS and we have a very special guest.

Joe Lavelle 01:13 We are going to get right to it ,Todd and we’re going to introduce our guess Jason Considine, Senior Vice-President Patient Collections and Engagement for Experian Health. Jason, welcome to the show!

Jason Considine 01:22 Thank you, it’s great to be here.

Joe Lavelle 01:24 Before we begin our discussion today Jason, could you take a few seconds and tell the audience about you and your background?

Jason Considine 01:29 Absolutely, I’ve been in healthcare IT all of my professional career. I started with WebMD Health and have been engaged in these electronic health record, patient management systems and hospital information systems.

Todd Eury 01:44 If you were to take a 10,000 foot overview of your team at Experian Health, give our listener basically what they do in comparison to every one of the other team members that we’ve interviewed while we’ve been here.

Jason Considine 01:56 Our team is specifically focused on patient collections and the patient engagement space. So we’re helping our customers use the power of the Experian data to drive better decisions and have better relationships with their patients and payors.

Joe Lavelle 02:13 Jason, we’ve been talking quite a bit the last two days about patient engagement. From your perspective leading this team, what do you see the current state of patient engagement out there, what are patients able to do? what’s really happening between them and providers?

Jason Considine 02:28 We’re right on the cusp of this evolution of consumerism in healthcare, and what I see right now is patients wanting providers to communicate with them more on their terms than we see in the marketplace today. So healthcare providers really need to catch up to where other industries are and communicating with patients. So we see a lot of demand from patients with more, they want more self-service tools, and they want to be communicated ways in which ways they see and ways that we’re doing on these devices, on our phones day in and day out.

Todd Eury 03:01 Dr. Nick was on our show and he’s just a wealth of information talking about the one device that was the most important and I thought we were going to hear an expansion on the wearable. But no, he went back to what’s been around now the smart phone and he says the smart phone will continue to be the leading device of what is ultimately patient engagement, so from your perspective everything that you’ve seen from the payor side, reimbursement, patient engagement over the next three to five years what’s that look like how will patient engagement evolve?

Jason Considine 03:36 I think hospitals have spent tons of money really customizing the clinical experience for the patient over the last really 10 years and if you go into any hospital large hospital in America today, you’re going to feel like your care has been customized for you. But when you exit the care delivery mechanism and you get into the billing process, I still see providers treating patients kind of in a one size fits all method, and that’s where I see a lot of patient engagement changing from a financial perspective is using the power of information like what Experian has. We know what a patient’s financial disposition is, whether they can pay their bill or not, whether they qualify for the hospital’s financial assistance mechanism or not, and we can be more proactive in building that relationship and sending them offers to pay their bill and customize those types of engagements more appropriately for that you unique patient’s needs.

Joe Lavelle 04:38 Jason, you mentioned the rise in consumerism in healthcare. How is Experian reacting to that growing consumerism in helping providers be prepared for that?

Jason Considine 04:47 We are the Best in KLAS vendor for patient access solutions, the eCare NEXT products suite. We are very focused on taking those tools that have been adopted by providers across the United States and making them patient facing. And so we have portals that can be accessed from any mobile device and from a desktop or laptop, and give the patient the ability to shop for care using self-service estimates. Pay their bill online and set up new payment plans and really communicate with their providers in the mechanism in vehicles in which they want to do it.

Todd Eury 05:22 We continue to dig down through these layers because there’s many, what else can you tell us about Experian Health Self Service offerings for customers, patients?

Jason Considine 05:32 One of the things that we see a big need for, and we sat on a patient advisory panel, it’s kind of a cool thing we get to do with some of our providers because we’re providing these portals, they invite patients in to give them feedback on what they like and don’t like about their tools and the way their websites are designed. One of the things we’ve consistently heard is that the financial assistance protocols and the way they access those programs is very confusing. And bringing simplicity to that is something that we’re really focused on, so using our data to kind of guide the patient to say this is the program you should enroll for, let’s go ahead and get your documentation filled out now. So when you arrive in the hospital that’s a frictionless process.

Todd Eury 06:16 Joe, we were just talking about that, you show up at hospital A, you fill out the forms, you come back a year later Hospital A, you fill out the forms, go to a specialist hospital B, you fill out the forms and it’s just like. For me, I’ve never really had a super emergency situation, so it’s palatable, but for parents that have a sick child or somebody in chronic state that’s really suffering with something and you have to fill out, fill out, fill out that’s so tedious, it’s probably very irritating, so I’m glad to hear that.

Joe Lavelle 06:47 Jason, how are you helping clients with the patient financing shift, move to charity and …?

Jason Considine 06:53 A couple of ways. We have clients that want to finance payment plans for their patients themselves, and using our data we can set the goal posts of what they should be recommending in financing terms, so Experian can help us get information on these patients and families like, what can they support each month in a new monthly payment, and we can guide the hospitals, providers in what that new payment plan needs to look like. If they’re working with third-party financing vehicles, we have tools to help route accounts to those different financing companies and credit card companies they may be partnering with to make that process easy for the providers and the patients.

Todd Eury 07:36 The whole aspect of finance is probably our patient and or customer because I’m both, the worst part of healthcare, it’s the most stressful part of healthcare. And you know as well as I do insurance premiums are going up and we’re in this ACA, Affordable Care Act kind of purgatory per se and we’re not sure what’s going to happen. So can you provide us some details about the softer side of collections and how Experian Health helps providers in that regard?

Jason Considine 08:05 Absolutely, one of the things we do a very good job of is helping our providers understand who their patients are and how they should better collect from those groupings of patients. So we take the data out of the hospital system and apply our intelligence to it, that tells them not only this person’s ability to pay, how they like to be communicated with, what sort of payment plan terms they should be offering, so that it feels like a customized approach and you’re not receiving this one size fits all type of bill.

Joe Lavelle 08:37 Jason, we’re about to wrap it up here before we do, where can people go to learn more about the great work that your team is doing?

Jason Considine 08:44 is a great place to get information about the company and all of the tools.

Joe Lavelle 08:51 We’ve mentioned before the website has been redone, you’ve just rebranded. There’s a wealth of great information out there so go to and you can find all about the things we talked about today and much more. Jason it’s such a pleasure to have you today, thanks for stopping by and sharing your wisdom with us.

Jason Considine 09:09 Thank you for having me.

Joe Lavelle 09:11 Our pleasure for sure, that wraps this live broadcast from HIMSS, again we want to give it quick shout out to our sponsor Experian Health and my co-host Todd Eury, I’m Joe Lavelle and we hope you stay tuned for more of our coverage from Orlando.

#JoinTheConversation on Healthcare Transformation with Experian Health at #HIMSS17

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More than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health. These providers—along with thousands of medical practices, labs, pharmacies and other risk-bearing entities—are making smarter business decisions, boosting their bottom lines and strengthening patient relationships. Our clients have discovered the value of our revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management solutions to power opportunities in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

Experian Health is powered by the strong healthcare heritage of our legacy companies, plus the deep data and analytics capabilities of Experian. This unique combination positions us well to help you succeed.

Revenue cycle management solutions automate orders, patient access, contract management, claims management and collections to improve efficiency and increase reimbursement.

Identity management solutions match, manage, and protect patient identities to enable accurate patient information and to safeguard medical information.

Patient engagement solutions connect patients with personalized portals to create price estimates, apply for charity care, set-up payment plans, combine payments to hospitals and physicians and schedule appointments.

Care management solutions organize and enable sharing of post-acute patient care information to help providers succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

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#JoinTheConversation on Healthcare Transformation with Experian Health at #HIMSS17


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