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#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Cindy Dullea at #HIMSS17

#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Cindy Dullea at #HIMSS17

Experian Health's Cindy Dullea at #HIMSS17

This #JoinTheConversation series is brought to you by our partner Experian Health and the episodes were broadcast live in Experian Health’s booth (#3503) at the The HIMSS17 Annual Conference and Exhibition.  The interviews were recorded and published to the media player on this page.   Please read more about why more than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health.


Cindy Dullea, Chief Marketing Officer, Experian Health


Joe Lavelle 00:31 All right, I am Joe Lavelle and I’m so excited to be bringing you #JoinTheConversation with my co-host Todd Eury right from our remote studio in Experian Healths booth at HIMSS17.

Todd, let’s give a quick shout out to our sponsor today, Experian Health, what a great partner we have.

Todd Eury 00:45 Joe, I tell you what it’s been an incredible second day already, the guests that we’re having coming to the booth here at Experian Health is just so exciting and I’m not sure if listeners realize, Experian Health has been recently named to Forbes Magazine list of the world’s most innovative companies, securing a spot in the top 100 list for a third year in a row. Recognition like this affirms their goal in innovating ways to embrace data to help transform the way businesses is operated and how consumers can thrive in today’s society and what better way to deliver healthcare than through that, through Experian Health, so I’m proud to be here.

Joe Lavelle 01:22 Absolutely keep on racking up the accolades Todd, but we’re going to get right to it. We’re going to introduce our distinguished guest, Cindy Dullea, Chief Marketing Officer of Experian Health. Cindy, welcome to the show!

Cindy Dullea 01:33 Well, thanks, thanks for having me.

Joe Lavelle 01:35 Well, we can’t thank you enough Cindy for bringing this into your booth and getting to know your customers, your prospects, your partners, I’d tell you when you get to listen to all of this after the show what a bunch of smart people.

Cindy Dullea 01:47 Oh! Thank you, thanks. Yeah, they’re a little overwhelming sometimes.

Joe Lavelle 01:50 Absolutely.

Todd Eury 01:52 My favorite aspect of business Cindy is marketing, because it’s very psychological, it’s very personalized. As a matter fact I could show you a picture and you could interpret that picture completely differently than what I do.

Cindy Dullea 02:04 That’s true.

Todd Eury 02:05 And when I think of Experian Health and what you’ve done, you’ve recently launched a new global brand, what does this encompass and what does this mean for Experian Health?

Cindy Dullea 02:15 What we did, well, we actually did this through larger Experian, our parent company or overarching company, and really it was about how we were speaking to the industry. I think in the past the brand was really more about getting in front of people and telling people from a corporate level this is what we do and this is how we do it. The new brand allows us to be much more of a storyteller, to really tell the stories to bring the intimacy of the relationships that we have with our clients, the way we approach our innovation and our products, and be able to look at how are we solving problems in the industry, and what’s the return on investment that our clients are getting through the use of our products. That really does personify our brand, and we act to sort of expeditionary leaders in that approach to things. So if you think about the Sherpa’s that went up you know Mount Kilimanjaro. We really are leading, helping to lead our customers to a better tomorrow.

Joe Lavelle 03:17 How fun has it been Todd to join that conversation with their customers here this week?

Todd Eury 03:21 It has been, you know the intensity of data and how complex that that is, Experian Health his simplifying it in a way that I’ve never seen before, so talking to so many members of your team, what I’m seeing is a consistency.

Joe Lavelle 03:37 Cindy, what can you tell us about your patient access scheduling strategy and your relationship with actually what was our last guest, MyHealthDirect?

Cindy Dullea 03:45 Yeah, so we really looked at the industry and said what do our consumers want? And if we really take a note from other industries that are out there banking, retail, the airlines, everyone has moved the capability of their businesses to the digital world, to smart technology. If you look at our millennials and our Gen Y’s, everything they do is really on their Smartphone and the use of doing things online. So we looked at patient scheduling and said why not. Why would we not empower the patient to be able to go on in the comfort of their home, in the comfort of their office and be able to schedule those appointments that they need, on their time on their agenda as opposed to being on a phone waiting with an organization to schedule that appointment?

We looked at that and said now how we do this? How do we get from point A to point B? And you know there’s always that theory in healthcare IT, is do I build it myself or do I go out and do I partner? Our time to be able to deliver this if we built it was probably too long in our agenda, and so we looked at across the industry to a number of different organizations that do patient self-scheduling well. Certainly they are all great. MyHealthDirect really met our strategic goals and objectives, and we formed that partnership and signed the contract in December. We’re going to go into Beta with our first two clients in May of this year. So we’re looking forward to bringing self-service to patients across the nation.

Todd Eury 05:19 You know there’s nothing better than being recognized by your peer organizations in the healthcare industry, and you guys continue to innovate and be recognized by organizations like KLAS, for your successful product offerings. How important is it to you to receive that kind of recognition?

Cindy Dullea 05:36 Oh, I think it’s validation for everything that we do. It’s validation of our strategy and where we want to take our company. It’s validation of all the innovation that all of our product owners place in their products on a day to day basis. It’s validation that others at our clients who fill out those surveys think that we do our job well. For us it’s extremely important, we take those accolades and those awards personally. They’re important to all of us across the company, 800 plus employees. But they’re also important because it does validate out into the industry that we’re doing things right.

Joe Lavelle 06:11 Absolutely. Cindy, what would you like people to know that are listening now that maybe didn’t get a chance to come to HIMSS, about the four areas that we are helping you feature here at HIMSS, identity management, patient engagement, care management and revenue cycle management?

Cindy Dullea 06:26 So I think we are leading the way with all of those. We really have spent the last year and a half or so looking at innovation, looking at how do we bring new products to the marketplace, how do we improve on our core revenue cycle products. And so universal identity manager, identity management our newest product that we launched at HIMSS last year is starting to take shape and gain traction around having a national identifier for that patient as they move across the care continuum. Extremely important as we look at making sure that we’re treating that patient to the best of our ability by knowing every place they’ve received care, helping the administrative burden of decreasing duplicate medical records.

Patient engagement, we just talked about patient self-service, being able to in empower patients by giving them the tools that they need to manage their Healthcare accounts online.

Care coordination, the ability to be able to make sure that patient post-discharge completes that episode of care back to health again and living a healthy lifestyle.

And of course our revenue cycle products. Just being able to use data and analytics to weave through and look at operational efficiencie. As we look at what’s happening right now with Affordable Care Act, with the movement to Fee for Value, being able to make sure all of our clients and hopefully our prospects too, as they look at us know that we can help them gain operational efficiency.

Todd Eury 07:48 Cindy, part of someone in your roles position and the needs and budgeting is to choose conferences to go to, and we’re here at the largest Healthcare IT conference in the world. Have there been any surprises here at HIMSS 2017 and what are your key takeaways?

Cindy Dullea 08:05 You know it’s still as large as ever, I guess I would say that first and foremost. I think that for us it’s been how do we rise above the chatter and the static that happens at HIMSS. I think probably the most important takeaways have been having you in our booth for sure, being able to drive those messages out through social media, through I know our staff back that didn’t come to the conference are tweeting away as we’re releasing them. So I think that, driving that, the power of what our leadership and that are here and the great folks that are here on the floor would be number 1. I think the second thing was yesterday, we had Frank Abagnale in our booth.

Todd Eury 08:43 That was amazing!

Cindy Dullea 09:12 And Frank has been a great friend to Experian Health. He certainly drives our message around identity management and fraud and the abuse that’s happening in health care for him speaking, not only at the show but also being in the booth to be able to meet and greet people. I think the takeaway is we approach the show differently every year. Twenty years ago, 20-plus years ago when I started coming to HIMSS, it was a lot more about demoing your products. Now it’s a lot more around just conversations that happen in the booth with people that come in and out. And so I think each year we in marketing need to be innovative and think about how do we make sure we rise above the static and the chatter, and make sure people will want to come to our booth to have those meaningful conversations.

Todd Eury 9:31 Cindy, that’s interesting you say that because when I look at your booth, that’s how you’ve designed it. You’ve designed it as very welcoming, very encompassing, very networking, I’m very impressed I have to say, and I actually see it through your eyes when you said you know 20 years ago is about demoing the product, now it’s about fellowship, it’s about partnership and it’s about really driving excellence.

Cindy Dullea 9:51 Right, right, exactly.

Joe Lavelle 9:53 Well, having worked with you to coordinate the show I know you guys have been really busy Cindy. Your new global brand, the biggest show of the year, what’s up for the rest of the year, what are you working on? Are there other shows that are important too to you guys? How do you continue to keep this conversation going?

Cindy Dullea 10:08 Sure and each show brings a unique set of prospects and clients. We’ll be at NAHAM which is the National Association of Healthcare Access Managers at the end of April, that’s in Dallas. That’s our access managers, our patient access managers that really look at the front end of the revenue cycle, so we’ll be there talking with them about our great products and what we can do for them. And then in June we will be back here in Orlando for the HFMA ANI, the big CFO show. And again will be here, and we’ll be having engaging and thought leadership conversations around what is important to CFO’s, financial management, value based reimbursement things like that. That really taps us out for the first half of the year.

The second half of the year we’ll be at a large physician group practice show, MGMA. And then we do our big financial performance summit which is our big client user conference and that will be in Phoenix in October. 

Joe Lavelle 11:07 Outstanding, it’s amazing to me how much work there is just to work these shows get your messages ready for each show for the different audiences. It’s just healthcare is an industry that I think that’s unique, many other industries have the one big show a year, and especially with the diverse company like you that has so many different facets you have to really tick a lot of boxes in a lot of different shows.

Cindy Dullea 11:31 Right, I think the new brand facilitates that because this is the year for us to tell stories. To talk about the power of our success through the eyes of our clients, and to really set the tone for thought leadership around that of how can we lead the way and be thought leaders in the healthcare arena that we are focused on.

Joe Lavelle 11:51 Absolutely, alright. Well we have everyone’s attention, go out to bookmark that site, #jointheconversation, get involved in the great content that Experian is putting out there after every show, before every show, in between the shows as they participate in other industry organizations and thought leadership roles.The site is really fabulously redesigned and there’s a lot of great information out there. Cindy, it was such a great pleasure to have you on the show once again, thanks for making the time and sharing all the great details about how you’re getting people to #jointheconversation with you now.

Cindy Dullea 12:29 Well, thank you very much. Thanks for having me back.

Todd Eury 12:30 Thanks Cindy.

Joe Lavelle 12:31 All right, it was our pleasure. That wraps this live broadcast from HIMSS. Again we want to have a quick shout out to our friends and family now at Experian Health. On behalf of our guests, Cindy Dullea, my co-host Todd Eury, I am Joe Lavelle. We know you’ll stay tuned for more of our coverage from Orlando.

#JoinTheConversation on Healthcare Transformation with Experian Health at #HIMSS17

About Experian Health


More than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health. These providers—along with thousands of medical practices, labs, pharmacies and other risk-bearing entities—are making smarter business decisions, boosting their bottom lines and strengthening patient relationships. Our clients have discovered the value of our revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management solutions to power opportunities in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

Experian Health is powered by the strong healthcare heritage of our legacy companies, plus the deep data and analytics capabilities of Experian. This unique combination positions us well to help you succeed.

Revenue cycle management solutions automate orders, patient access, contract management, claims management and collections to improve efficiency and increase reimbursement.

Identity management solutions match, manage, and protect patient identities to enable accurate patient information and to safeguard medical information.

Patient engagement solutions connect patients with personalized portals to create price estimates, apply for charity care, set-up payment plans, combine payments to hospitals and physicians and schedule appointments.

Care management solutions organize and enable sharing of post-acute patient care information to help providers succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

Check out Experian Health on the Web and follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN!

#JoinTheConversation on Healthcare Transformation with Experian Health at #HIMSS17


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JOE LAVELLE is a Healthcare Management and Technology Consultant with a record of successfully meeting the business and technology challenges of diverse organizations including health plans, health delivery networks, and health care companies for 25 years. Joe worked his way up through Cap Gemini and Andersen Consulting to the partner/VP level of at First Consulting Group, Technology Solutions Group and Santa Rosa Consulting. After running his own company, Results First Consulting, for 12 years Joe Co-Founded intrepidNow with Todd Schnick to create incredible content to dramatically improve the sales and marketing efforts of their clients.

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