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#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Nicole Rogas at #HIMSS17

#JoinTheConversation with Experian Health’s Nicole Rogas at #HIMSS17

Experian Health's Nicole Rogas at #HIMSS17

This #JoinTheConversation series is brought to you by our partner Experian Health and the episodes were broadcast live in Experian Health’s booth (#3503) at the The HIMSS17 Annual Conference and Exhibition.  The interviews were recorded and published to the media player on this page.   Please read more about why more than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health.


Nicole Rogas, Senior Vice President of Sales, Experian Health


Joe Lavelle 00:31 All right, welcome to our special coverage of Intrepid Healthcare live from HIMSS17 in Orlando. I am Joe Lavelle and I am excited to be bringing you “JoinTheConversation” with my co-host Todd Eury from our remote studio right here in Experian Health’s booth, #3503. Todd, let’s give a quick shout out to our sponsor today, Experian Health, what a great partner we have to produce this show together.

Todd Eury 00:53 Joe I am so excited to be here and it just make sense. Experian Health is powered by strong health care heritage of legacy companies plus that deep data analytics capability that Experian brings to the table, and people probably don’t realize that you have been and your life has been affected by Experian in so many different ways, just from buying a car, buying a house and now they are leveraging all of that data to actually take care of patients in providing better care, so I really can’t wait to get into the discussions with revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management Joe, this is really exciting. #HIMSS2017, wait no the #HIMSS17 not the 2017.

Joe Lavelle 01:37 Perfect, all right. We are going to get right to it today by introducing our distinguished guest. Nicole Rogas all right, Senior Vice President of Sales for Experian Health. Nicole, welcome to the show.

Nicole Rogas 01:51 Hi! Thank you for having me today.

Joe Lavelle 01:53 Well, before we start this discussion Nicole, could you take a few seconds and inform the audience about you and your background?

Nicole Rogas 01:58 Yeah, sure thing. I’m the Senior leader of the sales organization, been with Experian about 3 years now since the acquisition of Passport Health Communications which happened fall of 2013. I was with that previous organization about 11 years, helping build them from a small, sort of localized regional player in revenue cycle to a national known brand that’s continuously been ranked Best in KLAS, so combined about 14 years with the organization.

Joe Lavelle 02:31 Great and could you give us a 10,000 foot overview of what your team does at Experian Health?

Nicole Rogas 02:36 Sure. I run the national sales team, so what that means is I have about 55 or so quota carrying sales reps that run across the country. They manage territories and regions focusing on our provider sales, so hospital and physicians. I also run our business development which is our channel partners and partner relationships with other companies to drive some none traditional revenue into the business, as well as an operations team.

Joe Lavelle 03:06 Great. Nicole, let’s start with the big picture. What’s your vision for the future and strategy of healthcare IT related to how Experian is going to help your customers?

Nicole Rogas 03:14 So I think healthcare IT is the most interesting industry anyone can be in to be very honest and it’s because of the continuous change.

Todd Eury 03:23 No bias right?

Nicole Rogas 03:23 No bias at all, but truthfully, it’s an industry that changes consistently, and Experian Health has the data and the history to be able to arm both our clients, which our providers, and the consumer, which is the patient, with information to help them make better healthcare decisions.

Todd Eury 03:42 So Nicole one of my co-hosts on the Pharmacy Podcast network is Dr. Erin Albert and she is a huge advocate for the power of women in healthcare IT, and Joe and I have both learned the importance of surrounding ourselves with extremely intelligent, successful women. What’s your perspective of the current environment for women in healthcare IT?

Nicole Rogas 04:02 So I think it’s becoming more and more of a hot topic which is really excellent. We are hearing more about it in IT and as well as other areas of healthcare really nationally. Women do play a very important role in the future of healthcare, and I think the focus on it now brings to light some of the sort of special issues and challenges we face as women that are very different than what man may face as they grow their career.

Todd Eury 04:33 With a father of four daughters and a wife, I have to pay attention to these kinds of things

Nicole Rogas 04:39 You do.

Todd Eury 04:39 And they are intelligent and very feisty so it makes sense.

Nicole Rogas 04:43 Well, God bless you.

Joe Lavelle 04:45 Nicole, we made a promise to our guests last year that we wouldn’t say the following 5 letter number combination, ICD 10, again.

Todd Eury 04:55 Here we go.

Joe Lavelle 04:56 What are some of the current issues and challenges and opportunities in the healthcare revenue cycle?

Nicole Rogas 05:01 That are not related to ICD 10? Okay, so I think today a lot of the challenges for our providers is to understand how to function as a business, and I know that that might sound crazy, but healthcare is always been a service, and most of our economies today, most of our people today believe that it’s really their right to (have) healthcare, and I think what’s happening is our healthcare providers are having to function more like a business organization to ensure that they are providing care at really great quality care, but in an efficient way. They are able to build and get reimbursed for that care, and then that they are able to arm their patients with the right information pre and post care to help keep them engaged in both their financial and their clinical journey. So I just think it’s a big time in our industry.

Todd Eury 06:02 So as someone who has been in healthcare IT for 15 years and started in the pharmacy sector, I really have seen a change between vendors and providers, healthcare providers really becoming partners, so as someone who has to manage a sales team directly, but then also your vendor management through your channel management, what have you found are the key characteristics of successful partnerships between healthcare providers and vendors?

Nicole Rogas 06:30 So well, between providers and vendors and then I actually believe between vendors and vendors across the whole thing. My own personal belief is transparency and honesty, so you have to have that foundation with your customer and your foundation with your partner and your employees for that matter, that you’re doing good work that provides good value and you’re doing it in an honest way where you all can work together to strike business relationships that have a positive mutually beneficial outcome for both sides.

Todd Eury 07:05 And I’m not sure why we were all in the sandbox of healthcare together, nobody wanted to share their toys, everybody kept it for themselves thinking it was a competitive advantage, but now that we are realizing sharing data makes things actually easier for the physician, easier for the specialist, easier for the pharmacist, easier for all the healthcare providers in a vendors partnerships, and what’s interesting is were actually doing better financially by being transparent and in sharing information, so kudos to you to actually seeing that and understanding that.

Nicole Rogas 07:39 Well, thank you.

Joe Lavelle 07:40 Absolutely.

Nicole Rogas 07:40 Thank you.

Joe Lavelle 07:41 Nicole, this is my 20-something HIMSS. What keeps you coming back to HIMSS?

Nicole Rogas 07:46 HIMSS is such a wonderful environment to first learn from some of the very best in the most known and most intelligent people in our industry. Also it’s a really great opportunity for us to be able to network and meet with these partners, these other companies where we can indeed continue to strike partnerships to make a better outcome for our patients and for the providers. So I think it’s everything, it’s the knowledge and the ability to be in an environment like this where everybody is here, there is so much that can get accomplished on this one week.

Todd Eury 08:21 This is the Super Bowl of all things healthcare IT and I’ve seen changes. I’ve only been to 3 HIMSS, this being my third, and it’s just continuously changing, mobile technology really seems to be hot right now, different facets of data collection and being able to actually use that data. I can’t think of a better player in a better time to be in the spot that Experian Health is in because of the collective. Everything that Experian has done up to this point, and now becoming a healthcare provider, data provider that just makes sense.

Joe Lavelle 08:57 Good deal. Well, looks like we are about up against the clock. Before we let you go Nicole, where can people go to learn more about Experian Health?

Nicole Rogas 09:04 Well very basically they can go to our website at They can follow us on our social networking pages, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as our, I think we actually are even putting out some press releases and things, and then of course you can contact us and we will get someone with you right away.

Joe Lavelle 09:22 Perfect. Nicole, it’s such a pleasure to chat with you today. Thanks for starting our HIMSS broadcast off with a real boom.

Nicole Rogas 09:29 Well, thank you for having me. I appreciate the opportunity.

Joe Lavelle 09:31 We do as well. That wraps this live broadcast from #HIMSS17. Again we want to shout a quick thanks to our sponsor Experian Health. We appreciate your continued support! On behalf of our guest, Nicole Rogas and my co-host Todd Eury, I am Joe Lavelle we hope you stay tuned for more for Experian Health Coverage and #Join the Conversation from Orlando.

#JoinTheConversation on Healthcare Transformation with Experian Health at #HIMSS17

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More than 60% of U.S. hospitals count on Experian Health. These providers—along with thousands of medical practices, labs, pharmacies and other risk-bearing entities—are making smarter business decisions, boosting their bottom lines and strengthening patient relationships. Our clients have discovered the value of our revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and care management solutions to power opportunities in the new era of value-based reimbursement.

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#JoinTheConversation on Healthcare Transformation with Experian Health at #HIMSS17


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