Monday 4 July 2022
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Introducing the Healthcare Executive Group

Introducing the Healthcare Executive Group

TODAYS GUEST Ferris Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Arches Health Plan and Office of the Chair for The Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG)

Ferris joined us for the purpose of Introducing the Healthcare Executive Group.  Specifically we discuss the following with Ferris:

  • Background on the HealthCare Executive Group, when was it founded, why? and How has HCEG evolved in response to the dynamic healthcare landscape?
  • The value do HCEG members and sponsors derive from the organization
  • What sets the HCEG Annual Forum apart from other annual conferences?
  • HCEG publishes “HCEG’s Top 10 Issues” How does this list guide what you do? How has the list evolved over the years?
  • What can attendees of the Forum expect from their participation?
  • What fuels your passion for this organization?

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Register here for the 2016 HCEG Annual Forum!

Register here for the 2016 HCEG Annual Forum!


About HCEG (from

The HealthCare Executive Group is a national network of select executives from across the entire healthcare spectrum; coming together to continually learn, grow, share and reshape the industry.  Through the development of HCEG’s top 10 critical trends, ongoing educational opportunities and the HCEG Annual Forum, members gain access to industry insights and trends, recognized thought leaders and career-long relationships.

Ferris Taylor’s Bio

Ferris Taylor is Chief Strategy and Chief Operating Officer at Arches Health Plan, a non-profit member-governed health insurance company that had been providing health plan options to individuals and groups throughout Utah. Since the launch of the Health Reform Affordable Care Act (ACA), Arches had welcomed over 70,000 Utahns as Members of its CO-OP and was committed to making health care better and more affordable. Unfortunately Arches is one of the many CO-OPs who are being shut down by the government and he is still working as COO to wind down the Arches operations.  Taylor brings more than 40 years of business leadership including 30 years of experience in health care, technology and consulting services to his executive roles at Arches. Arches vision aligned members and providers of care around value through care delivery, payment reform and appropriate benefit design. Arches Health Plan serviced the health care needs of its members by transforming the nature of insurance payments and benefits to promote high quality, patient centered and integrated care in an understandable, fair and affordable manner.

Prior to joining Arches, Taylor founded Pragmatic Health Care Solutions, a health care strategy and market consulting firm. From 2003 to 2008, Taylor was Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Payer Market Strategy for Ingenix (now Optum), one of the industry’s largest health information technology companies and part of UnitedHealth Group. Additionally, Taylor served 12 years as the head of Marketing and Information Services for Harvard Community Health Plan, now HPHC, and 2 years as Vice President of Marketing and Planning for North Shore Medical Center in Salem, Massachusetts, the six community hospital system of Partners Healthcare that includes Mass General and Brigham and Women’s Hospitals.

A graduate of Brigham Young University in Nuclear Physics with a minor in Spanish, Taylor holds an MBA with an emphasis in finance and quantitative economics. He is also a graduate of the GHAA/AHIP Executive Program in Managed Care from the University of Missouri


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