Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Improving the Impact of Pharmacy on Patient Care with Telepharmacy

Improving the Impact of Pharmacy on Patient Care with Telepharmacy

OUR GUEST  Brian Roberts, CEO of PipelineRX, joined us to talk to us about their mission of improving the impact of pharmacy on patient care with telepharmacy.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Brian on this episode:

  1. (2:14) Lets start with this, how has telepharmacy evolved from telemedicine?
  2. (3:29) In what ways is telepharmacy becoming a viable strategy to improve care and streamline workflow?
  3. (4:51) What were some of the challenges of building out a telepharmacy offering?
  4. (6:45) Will you please describe your business model?
  5. (8:05) What are the most important ways that PipelineRx ability to meet the needs of DOPs in search of alternate practices?
  6. (9:26) Let’s talk about the rural use case, how is telepharmacy increasing access to clinical excellence in rural areas?
  7. (11:09) Where is telepharmacy going?
  8. (12:09) What’s next for PipelineRX? What new can your customers expect to see as we head into 2016?
  9. (13:23) What advice would you give to a new pharmacist?

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About PipelineRX

Our proprietary PipelineRx platform provides hospital and retail pharmacies a team of licensed pharmacists 24 hours a day 365 days a year. PiplineRx is developed for pharmacists by pharmacists to ensure the highest quality standards, optimal workflow and relevant management reports.

PipelineRx has built solutions that replicate and extend the exact roles and responsibilities of onsite clinical pharmacists. Medication management, patient safety and client satisfaction are our primary focus. Our telepharmacist services have been proven to save hospitals between 30-70% on direct pharmacist costs, approximately 200K per year in clinical inventions, and shorter lengths of stays and reduced readmissions due to improved patient outcomes.

Now we’re offering our proprietary software solution that allows hospitals to build their own telepharmacy from the inside. PipelineRx software solutions enable remote approval of orders, automated dispensing and remote mixing oversight with full security of data. The vendor agnostic solutions allow for interoperability with PIS systems, and the IT infrastructure has been built to support optimized distributed networks. Our software is shown to have cost savings in the 40% range for hospitals’ pharmacy operations. (from

About Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts has spent most of his career focused on healthcare services and staffing. Prior to co-founding PipelineRx, he was the President of Canopy Healthcare until it was acquired in late 2008. Canopy Healthcare was the leading allied healthcare staffing firm on the West Coast. Prior to Canopy Healthcare, Mr. Roberts was the EVP of Business Development at CHG Healthcare Services, a $600 million leader in diversified healthcare staffing which supplied physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals to hospitals nationwide. At CHG, he was responsible for business development, corporate sales, vendor management, and merger and acquisition efforts. Prior to CHG, he was a General Partner at Acacia Venture Partners, a San Francisco-based healthcare venture capital fund that specializes in investing in and building leading service businesses in healthcare. Earlier, he was an Associate at Summit Partners, a $3 billion private equity fund, in Boston. Mr. Roberts holds an MBA from Boston University and an AB in Economics from Dartmouth College.



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