Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Improve the Way Healthcare is Delivered with HX360 at #HIMSS15

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We are excited to bring you this series from intrepid Healthcare on #HIMSS15.   We have HUGE plans ourselves for #HIMSS15 with some of our biggest and most important clients like CTG Health Solutions who we are working with to bring you many #HIT Thought Leaders thru #TalkHITwithCTG.  This series will highlight what forward thinking companies are planning for #HIMSS15 so you can be sure to include them in your plans this year!

OUR GUEST  Dr. Roy Smythe, CEO of HX360  joined us to discuss HX360’s exciting plans for #HIMSS15.

We discuss the following with Roy on this episode:

  1. The Components of HX360
    – What differentiates HX360 from other organizations?
  2. HX360 Goals and Objectives- Why is the interface between technology, structure and process in health systems so important?
  3. The upcoming HX360 Annual Meeting at #HIMSS15- What is the coming “big shift” in health care delivery

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HX360’s Inaugural Event at #HIMSS15

HX360’s inaugural event will consist of a HUGE presence at #HIMSS15! Participants will be able to network with fellow executive leaders from health systems, health IT professionals and innovators who are developing next generation technologies with one goal in mind: improve healthcare delivery by leveraging next generation technologies while maintaining the fiscal health of the health system.

HX360’s Inaugural event will be held in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place, April 13th – 15th. Co-located with HIMSS Annual Conference, HX360 will be the first event to bring together health IT professionals and executive leaders across the care continuum with innovators eager to drive positive change in healthcare. Additionally, health system leaders will be personally invited to participate in HX360’s Executive Experience, an exclusive programing track catering to the challenges these executives face every day.

HX360 Pavilion at #HIMSS15

Be sure to visit the HX360 Pavilion at #HIMSS15. The HX360 Pavilion will comprise the Startup Showcase, Accelerator Hub for accelerators and incubators, new product Marketplace and Games for Health Pavilion, attendees will be invited to explore the newest technologies and experience demonstrations by cutting-edge companies delivering innovative solutions for redesigning healthcare delivery from inception to maturity.

dr Roy Smythe headshotGUEST BIO

Roy Smythe, MD is the CEO of HX360. Dr. Smythe has most recently been the first Chief Medical Officer of AVIA. Prior to joining AVIA, Dr. Smythe served as the Senior Vice President for Institute Development and Medical Director of Innovation for the Scott & White Healthcare system. He was also tenured Professor of Surgery, Medicine, and Molecular Medicine, and the Glen and Rita K. Roney Endowed Chair for the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

Dr. Smythe is an expert in the areas of healthcare innovation and integrated healthcare delivery strategy. Throughout his career, Dr. Smythe has focused on exploring innovation — as an internationally-recognized specialty surgeon, a leading molecular therapeutics laboratory investigator, a medical school and health system department chair, and health system executive. His time as a health system leader was focused on a number of clinical, academic and administrative areas, including governance, strategic planning and innovation.

Dr. Smythe is a passionate evangelist for the need to change the way that healthcare is delivered in our lifetimes, and the ability to do so using strategies and technologies that are currently available.   Follow Roy on Twitter!



This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

This episode brought to you by CTG Health Solutions, your Trusted #HealthIT Consulting and Services Provider!

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