Thursday 1 June 2023
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Implementing Telemedicine for the Underserved

Implementing Telemedicine for the Underserved

Implementing Telemedicine for the Underserved

TODAYS GUEST Mary Gorder, CEO and Founder of Drs. On Calls

Mary joined us to discuss how Drs. on Calls is Implementing Telemedicine for the Underserved in many locations.  Specifically, we discussed the following with Mary:

  1. (5:00) Where is it that Drs. On Calls is able to deliver house calls?
  2. (6:13) We talk often on our show about the tumultuous state that American healthcare is in, what is your perspective on the current state of Healthcare in the US?
  3. (7:34) How can DOC help people, especially those with little or no insurance coverage?
  4. (10:07) How DOC can help small businesses offer more comprehensive health coverage?
  5. (11:05) How complicate is it for hospitals to have DOC set up for them?
  6. (13:01) What DOC can do for people in disaster zones?
  7. (15:38) What have we missed what would you like people to know about DOC that I have already asked you?

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About Mary Gorder

Knowing what it is like to grow up in a struggling household in a developing country has informed all of Mary’s decisions as an entrepreneur. Her focus is always on helping the underprivileged, including her latest venture Drs. On Calls.  A high energy businesswoman who has started numerous successful companies over the past 16 years, Mary is always focused on how she can make the world a better place through entrepreneurialism.

About Drs On Calls


Drs. On Calls is a telemedicine platform that develops, markets and operates House Medical Calls, Virtual Telemedicine Service and Concierge Medical to a network of experienced, licensed and board-certified healthcare professionals specially trained to provide highly encrypted, high quality, convenient medical consultations in the comfort of your own home via web and mobile app.

We offer our services with high level of dedication, convenience, and professionalism. Our doctors are able to exchanges ideas, bring expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of healthcare’s toughest issues.

Our system guarantees quick response times and highly encrypted record keeping. Should your condition be of such a nature it cannot be resolved through a video call, we will recommend specialized doctors in your area that are covered by your insurance plan for an in-person visit.

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