Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Implementing Telemedicine for Chronic Care Management

Implementing Telemedicine for Chronic Care Management

Implementing Telemedicine for Chronic Care Management

TODAYS GUEST Stephen Keeler, Vice President of Sales for Medocity

Stephen joined us to discuss how Medocity is Implementing Telemedicine for Chronic Care Management.  Specifically, we discussed the following with Stephen:

  1. (4:30) What is Medocity’s role in the shift from fee-to-service to fee-for-value?
  2. (5:50) Why should providers use the Medocity platform versus alternatives?
  3. (9:08) Will you tell us about what Medocity does for patients?
  4. (11:38) From your perspective, is telemedicine being implemented quickly enough? Why not?
  5. (13:23) Will you also provide examples of how your platform has helped patients/providers?
  6. (14:49) What have I missed, what would you like people to know about Medocity that I have already asked you?

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About Stephen Keeler

Stephen is responsible for sales strategy and execution with a particular focus on providers and payers. He has over 25 years of sales leadership experience serving hospital, physician, payer and pharmaceutical clients with health IT and behavior modification solutions. Prior to Medocity, Stephen was VP Sales with Alere Accountable Care Solutions (formerly Wellogic) and a principal with eHealth Advisory helping provider organizations successfully navigate the transition to fee-for-value care delivery. He has also held several executive sales leadership roles with Bioclinica, MRO, Dorland Health, and First Marketing Company. Mr. Keeler graduated with honors from Harvard University and enjoys traveling with his family.

About Medocity


We are committed to making integrated virtual care a reality. Why? Because we believe it’s a game changer for keeping patients healthier when they are at their most vulnerable – at home, on their own, or in between visits with their care providers.

We’ve built a fantastic company around this vision with the most comprehensive technology, clinical intelligence, and integrated services available to deliver on our promise: Enabling even better care at lower total cost driving better outcomes from healthier, engaged patients – all delivered virtually. It’s what we do.

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