Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Implementing Telehealth for Counseling

Implementing Telehealth for Counseling

Implementing Telehealth for CounselingTODAYS GUEST Rob Magill, Owner of Magill Counseling

Rob joined us to discuss how he is Implementing Telehealth for Counseling in Pennsylvania.  Specifically, we discussed the following with Rob:

  1. (2:04) Why did you first decide to incorporate telehealth into your practice?
  2. (3:43) What are some advantages of integrating telehealth into a practice?
  3. (5:24) What are some technical roadblocks to integrating telehealth into practice?
  4. (6:40) Have you had clients that were initially resistant to telehealth and then turned the corner?
  5. (8:00) What are some clinical to integrating telehealth into practice?
  6. (12:54) What are some legal points to be aware of when practicing telehealth?
  7. (14:13) What advice would you give patients regarding telehealth?

About Rob Magill

Rob Magill is the owner of Magill Counseling, is a licensed professional counselor, certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor, and is a TBHI Certified Telebehavioral Health Professional. He has experience as a Community Outreach Coordinator and supervisor for Masters-level interns. His clinical focus includes complex cases, dual diagnosis (addiction and mental health diagnosis), couples/family, and faith-based counseling.

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