Tuesday 31 January 2023
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#ICD10 Roundtable

Roundtable summary:

You will be provided with the best ICD-10 Transition Thought Leadership from the Best Industry Leaders as they guide their organizations through replacing the ICD-9 code sets used to report medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures with the appropriate ICD-10 code sets for all providers in the United States on October 1, 2015.  Along the way we will educate, instigate and stimulate needed change, and have a great deal of fun!  Join us by bookmarking this site and by joining our mailing list!

jvionThis ICD-10 Roundtable is brought to you by JVION, transforming healthcare compliance and making their clients remarkable. On behalf of all of us at intrepid Now, we thank them for their support in bringing this series to you!




Roundtable Catalog:
Episode One: The challenges and opportunities with the transition to ICD-10

Episode Two: How to deal with a possible delay

Episode Three: Practical Steps To Deal With the Delay

Episode Four: From the physician’s point of view!

Episode Five: From the prospective of the Ambulatory EHR and practice management perspective!

Episode Six: Jim Hennessy: It’s Time to Address the Strategic Issue with ICD-10

Episode Seven: #ICD10 Roundtable: Dr. John Showalter and Leigh Williams: Forging ahead in 2014 with Improved Documentation


Joe Lavelle, Roundtable Curator and Co-host; Joe is the Owner of ResultsFirst Consulting and a Market Maker with JVION. In his role as a Management and Technology Consultant he has focused the last 5 years of his 25 year career on planning for and implementing ICD-10 at several medium and large health systems. Follow him on Twitter @Resultant for the latest on ICD-10 other important Health IT content. EMAIL JOE

Todd Schnick, Roundtable co-host; With over twenty years in business, media, and politics, Todd has plenty of battle scars. With an early career as a national political operative, then starting six companies, to hosting thousands of interviews on the radio, Todd’s work as a business and media strategist comes with a unique collection of experiences in the trenches. A distance runner, writer, and speaker, Todd lives with his family in Brookhaven, Georgia. EMAIL TODD


Brad Justus, is a Senior Account Executive at Kforce Healthcare. He partners with some of the largest providers and payers on the West coast. He represents the Healthcare Vertical offering solutions in Health Information Management, Revenue Cycle and Health IT. He is a healthcare social media enthusiast and was one of the inaugural HIMSS Social Media Ambassadors. EMAIL BRAD

Steve Sisko is a Senior IT Project Owner from a large payer and also a well-known thought leader and blogger in the Healthcare IT Social Media Community. In his own words “I’m a healthcare business and technology guy who likes to learn, create, share, and curate knowledge about payer and provider healthcare information processes and systems. I’m always open to new opportunities and willing to help out however I can.” EMAIL STEVE

Jim Hennessy, CEO of e4 Services Jim brings 25 years of Healthcare Information Technology and business operations experience to e4. Prior to joining e4 in 2008 as a Principal Consultant and Director of Business Development, Jim served in executive roles including Chief Operating Officer of i3Archive and Chief Information Officer of Dollar Financial Group. Additionally, Hennessy has 14 years of experience within Siemens Medical (formerly Shared Medical Systems), including 10 years as part of the leadership team that founded their Outsourcing Division. Jim graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BS degree in Computer Science. Jim is very active in the greater Philadelphia non-profit arena, including serving as Board Chairman of the Children’s Crisis Treatment Center in Philadelphia. EMAIL JIM

Kathy McCoy, MBA, is Director of Content Marketing for leading EHR vendor HealthFusion. She has written on practice management and revenue cycle management for more than 5 years for leading medical software, medical marketing and medical billing companies. She has more than 17 years of experience in continuing medical education, developing programs with respected educational institutions including Columbia University, Johns Hopkins, and Cleveland Clinic. EMAIL KATHY

Dr. Tom Gianulli is CMIO of Kareo. Dr. Tom is the chief medical information officer and member of the leadership team at Kareo. A respected innovator in the medical technology arena, he also serves as the physician leader who guides Kareo’s (EHR) strategy and is the evangelist for the Kareo EHR solution. Tom brings more than 15 years of deep experience in mobile technology and medical software that helps shape the company’s business and clinical strategy.

Adele Allison is the National Director of Government Affairs for Greenway. Adele is charged with monitoring changes and mandates in healthcare legislation and reform, ensuring that Greenway and parties of interest are well-positioned to navigate challenges and identify opportunities for physicians and ambulatory care settings in regards to specific EHR, billing and overall practice needs.  She is responsible for leading communication efforts through public speaking engagements and publications about ICD-10, EHR, population management, ePrescribing, PQRS, HIEs, Patient-Centered Medical Home, ACOs, and related legislation and rulemaking processes.  Adele sits on the UAB Committee for Health IT curriculum development through an ONC HITECH grant and the co-chair of the ONC Beacon-EHR Vendor Affinity Group. EMAIL ADELE

Resources / Links

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