Tuesday 31 January 2023
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ICD10 Episode 2 – How to handle another delay

Episode 2 of our ICD10 Roundtable: Congress votes to delay the ICD10 implementation deadline one more year. What to do now?

Todd Schnick, Moderator
Joe Lavelle, President of Results First Consulting
Jim Hennessy, CEO of e4 Services



Discussion topics:

1. Joe and Jim discuss yet another delay in the conversion from ICD9 to ICD10. The current deadline was October 2014, and now may be pushed back to October 2015. They both explain how this came to pass.

2. Is this really going to just be a one year delay?

3. What do the health systems that have made serious preparations for the ICD10 conversion do now? Do they wait? Can they complete the process? What now?

4. What message does this delay send to the health systems who were NOT ready for the October 2014 deadline? What do they do now? Can they continue to roll the dice?

5. Is there a risk that organizations that have followed the understandings and made preparations to be ready this year will have to undergo further changes, spending more time and treasure?

6. How will we deal with the frustration of delaying improved patient care, which is one of the benefits of the conversion to ICD10?

7. Despite the delay, is there still value in testing? Including implementing dual-coding, so that you can test ICD10, but still submit ICD9 and continue to get paid.

8. What are the immediate first steps to prepare for and deal with the ICD10 delay?

Click here to listen to episode 1 of the ICD10 Roundtable!


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