Tuesday 30 May 2023
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How Ostendio is Helping Providers to Combat Cybercrime

How Ostendio is Helping Providers to Combat Cybercrime

How Ostendio is Helping Providers to Combat Cybercrime


Grant Elliott, CEO at Ostendio


Grant joined us to discuss how Ostendio is Helping Providers to Combat Cybercrime.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Grant:

  1. (3:42) How big is the problem in healthcare? Just how many patient records have been breached in the past year?
  2. (5:34) What is the current state of Ransomware in healthcare?
  3. (7:30) Are healthcare entities still a high value target for cyber criminals?
  4. (9:04) What is the real impact of breaches in Healthcare?
  5. (10:56) What should healthcare entities be doing to combat cybercrime?
  6. (14:11) What is your take on the challenges for small healthcare organizations?
  7. (16:21) How is Ostendio helping healthcare entities prevent and/or recover from cybercrime?
  8. (19:11) Tell us more about how the Ostendio product works for your customers.

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About Ostendio

Ostendio was formed to solve one of the key challenges I encountered in my previous role as the COO and CISO of a successful healthcare IT company.  It was difficult enough to persuade large healthcare corporations to take a chance on working with a smaller, more innovative technology company, never mind convince them that we could be trusted to reliably protect their sensitive data.  While keen to leverage emerging technologies, these typically conservative institutions will not risk compromising their internal security and compliance standards.  Therefore it was always a challenge to convince them that we could be trusted. Ostendio’s MyVCM was created to help solve that problem by allowing companies to more easily develop an effective security and compliance program, and more specifically, give them a simpler way to demonstrate this to their customers.

Work began on the development of MyVCM immediately after Ostendio was founded in August 2013. By October of that year, Ostendio had the core elements of the product outlined and in development. The beta version of MyVCM was launched on March 1, 2014 with a handful of companies pre-provisioned. In fact, the first order for MyVCM was placed in early February 2014 almost a month before the official beta release.

Ostendio now serves a broad range of clients who have become members of the MyVCM Trust Network including healthcare providers and practitioners, digital health companies and medical device manufacturers. The platform is in Version 2 release and supports a broad base of capabilities across workflow management, vendor risk management, asset inventory, audits with transparent dashboards and robust reporting.


About Grant Elliott

Grant Elliott is the President & CEO of Ostendio, a cybersecurity and information management SaaS platform. He is the former COO and CISO of Voxiva (now Wellpass), an integrated messaging and patient engagement platform. He has over 10 years’ experience developing and managing cybersecurity programs and supporting regulatory audits. Before working at Voxiva, Elliott held senior positions at AT&T.

Elliott is also the Co-Founder and President of the Health Care Cloud Coalition (HC3), a healthcare compliance advocacy group funded by, amongst others, Microsoft and Apple. He mentors at AccelerateDC Venture Mentoring Service, and is an Adjunct Professor at the Pratt Institute, New York.

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