Monday 4 July 2022
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Leading the way to HIMSS16 with Social Media

Steve Sisko post 2

OUR GUEST  Steve Sisko, my friend, my ICD-10 C0-Czar, Social Media Rock Star and Senior IT Manager at Cambia Health Solutions, re-joined us to talk to us about HIMSS16 Social Media and about @HITConfGuy.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Steve on this episode:

  1. Who is @HITConfGuy and what is his mission?
  2. Does @HITConfGuy attend conferences?  What are some of the good conferences that we might not know about?
  3. What are some Social Media tips that you have for us regarding attending conferences?
  4. Will @HITConfGuy attend #HIMSS16?  How should our audience interact with him?
  5. Will @HITConfGuy be a Social Media Ambassador at #HIMSS16?  How should our audience interact with the Social Media Ambassadors?
  6. What are a few things that we should be looking forward to for #HIMSS16?

Here’s how to connect with Steve and take advantage of his fantastic content creation and curation abilities:


Steve Sisko is my friend, my ICD-10 C0-Czar and Senior IT Manager at Cambia Health Solutions.   He has 20+ years of experience assisting healthcare payers, risk-bearing provider organizations and software vendors define, create, deploy and evolve their software products and technology ecosystems.  He is also a Social Media Rock Star and you will probably know him on Twitter as @ShimCode and @HITConfGuy.

Steve has:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience with applications and services supporting government programs and pharmacy-related healthcare and mandates including ICD-10, Medicare Advantage enrollment, risk adjustment and related reporting, STARS, COBA, Medicare Secondary Reporting and Part D
  • Focused on assisting payers and COTS vendors maximize the value of existing systems and intellectual property by leveraging agile processes, 3rd party integration opportunities and standards
  • Extensive experience representing software vendors and healthcare payers to their external entities and offshore business partners
  • Practical experience using social media and collaborative platforms to identify and leverage knowledge identification, acquisition and sharing opportunities.



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