Wednesday 22 March 2023
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HFMA ANI 2017 Primer

HFMA ANI 2017 Primer

HFMA ANI 2017 Primer

TODAYS GUEST Todd NelsonVice President of Education, HFMA

Todd joined us to discuss the Healthcare Financial Management Association Annual National Institute Conference 2017 on June 25 in Orlando.  Specifically, we discussed the following with Todd:

  1. (3:26) This years theme is “Collaborating for the Future”, what can you tell us about this years theme and why it’s important to 2017 ANI attendees?
  2. (4:40) Who will be attending ANI? How many attendees do you expect?
  3. (5:27) What are the Top Topics that attendees want covered this year?
  4. (6:29) Are you planning any new or unique activities this year?
  5. (7:50) Different conferences have different approaches to sponsorships; Please describe how you work with your sponsors to make ANI the best it can be for your audience.
  6. (8:59) Do you have any specific advice for attendees to maximize their experience?

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About Todd Nelson

TODD NELSON, MBA is the Vice President of Education and Organizational Solutions at HFMA. In this role Todd is a member of the HFMA Executive team and is responsible for developing and overseeing the Educational development and delivery, as well as development and implementation of Organizational Solutions for industry partners. In his role, he develops collaborative relationships within the industry, for both HFMA members and non-members.

Prior to his current role he was the Director, Healthcare Finance Policy, Operational Initiatives in the Healthcare Financial Practices Group at HFMA.  In that role Todd was responsible for creating content in the areas of Leadership, Senior Financial Executives and Accounting and served as staff to the Principles and Practices Board of the HFMA. Todd championed the collaboration, communication, and translation of financial information among financial, revenue cycle, and clinical staff.
Todd was the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a rural Midwest hospital for over 15 years, focused on finance and operations related areas before joining HFMA as an employee. He also served in a volunteer role on the HFMA Senior Financial Executive National Advisory Committee, as well as Chapter President, and Regional Executive.
Mr. Nelson received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration, as well as his MBA from the University of Iowa. Todd makes his home in a window seat on United Airlines.

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