Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Helping Physicians Embrace Value-Based Care with Confidence

Helping Physicians Embrace Value-Based Care with Confidence

Helping Physicians Embrace Value Based Care with Confidence

We are excited to bring you this intrepid Healthcare video interview recorded live at #HIMSS17.  


  • Rusty Frantz, President and CEO of NextGen Healthcare

Specifically, we discuss the following about Helping Physicians Embrace Value Based Care with Confidence with Rusty in this episode:

  • What is the greatest challenge that physicians face today?
  • What is your perspective on the future of the physician practice?
  • How is NextGen Healthcare helping physician organizations change?
  • Based on your experience serving so many physicians, what types of plans should practices be developing so that then not only survive, but they thrive as we transition to a value based care model?

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About NextGen Healthcare

NextGen solutions help you improve the health of your community and lower care costs. When NextGen Healthcare is your technology partner, better patient outcomes and value-based care are easier to achieve.

For almost 25 years, NextGen Healthcare has helped ambulatory practices improve outcomes and nurture healthier communities with innovative technology and services. As healthcare evolves and value-based care changes the way you provide care and get paid, we’re by your side as a technology-enabled solutions partner that:

  1. Supports your transition to value-based care
  2. Empowers physicians to provide patient-centered care with the goal of a healthier patient population
  3. Understands how technology enables the evolution of healthcare delivery
  4. Helps manage your business and positions you for success





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