Tuesday 9 August 2022
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Helping Everyone in the Cancer Community Feel Better

Helping Everyone in the Cancer Community Feel Better

OUR GUEST  Kristin MacDermott, Founder of Reimagine, joined the show to talk to us about the how they are Helping Everyone in the Cancer Community Feel Better.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Kristin on this episode:

  1. (3:51) Does your program help patients navigate the health system or do you provide the community to do that or both?
  2. (5:06) Why is it necessary?
  3. (6:08) Who is it for – just patients or for the whole family?
  4. (8:21) How do you know it works?
  5. (10:07) Why do you think your online education model is more effective (according to the research) than one-on-one counseling?
  6. (10:40) Is the program for all types of Cancer?
  7. (11:57) Is there any reason the program couldn’t work for other chronic conditions like diabetes?
  8. (14:14) How does it work? Can you be anonymous?
  9. (15:28) Whats next? What do you have in store for 2016?

Check out Reimagine on the Web and follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Try Reimagine’s Tools Here! They’ve unlocked a few tools from their Foundation Module, so you can experience how the Core Program works.


About Reimagine

Medicine treats your cancer. We help you take your life back. We are a community, magazine and university proven to help you feel better. We want you to thrive in the face of cancer. Try a free class today.  (from


Kristin MacDermott

Kristin MacDermott is the Founder and President of, an online learning community that helps people overcome the psychological and emotional impact of cancer. A licensed professional counselor with a specialty in marriage and family therapy, MacDermott developed a resiliency skills training curriculum, which is proven in two clinical studies to improve quality-of-life across every major psychosocial benchmark, including depression, anxiety, distress, PTSD, self-efficacy, and even fatigue. The research was done in collaboration with the Duke Cancer Institute, the Livestrong Foundation, and the National Cancer Institute and has been published in peer-reviewed journals. makes the proven skills-training program available to everyone touched by cancer in a convenient online environment that allows patients, survivors and their loved ones to access the program from the comfort of their own homes, whenever it fits into their schedules, while also remaining completely anonymous. Connect with Kristin on LinkedIN!



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