Monday 4 July 2022
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Health IT Marketing and Social Media Tips From Colin Hung

Health IT Marketing and Social Media Tips From Colin Hung

TODAYS GUEST Colin Hung, VP Marketing for Stericycle Communications Solutions and and Co-Founder of #HCLDR

Colin joined us to, among other things, provide Health IT Marketing and Social Media Tips.  Specifically we discuss the following with Colin:

  1. (3:10) Will you please tell us more about #HCLDR? (Don’t forget to join every Tuesday Night at 8:30PM Eastern Time)
  2. (6:34) What are some common mistakes that you see Healthcare Marketers making?
  3. (14:33) What can HealthIT marketers do now that the EHR incentives have ended?
  4. (16:24) Should Twitter still have a place in your HealthIT marketing strategy?
  5. (19:55) Have twitterchats past their useful life?
  6. (24:15) What are the top 2 or 3 tips that you have for Healthcare marketers?

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About Stericycle Communications Solutions (from

Stericycle, Inc. is a global business-to-business services company that provides highly specialized solutions to commercial companies of all sizes. Founded in 1989, Stericycle has consistently grown to become a leader across a range of complex and highly regulated market sectors. With over 19,000 team members operating from 550 global locations, Stericycle is the partner of choice for many global brands.

Stericycle Communication Solutions is one of North America’s leading providers of customer communication solutions. By consolidating the capabilities of numerous businesses, high quality telephone answering, appointment scheduling, and automated outreach services are provided with a high level of efficiency. A human touch is combined with innovative technology to deliver best-in-class communication services.


About #HCLDR (from

#HCLDR is a strong and vibrant online community of people who all share a passion for improving healthcare. Our community includes patients, physicians, nurses, CEOs, IT folks, caregivers, policy makers and students from countries such as Canada, USA, Philippines, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, UK and South Africa.

Every Tuesday at 8:30pm Eastern time (GMT-5), the #HCLDR community gathers for a weekly tweetchat where we discuss a healthcare related topic. In the days before the weekly chat, a blog is posted here on this website that provides background information and context for the discussion. Each post has the questions that will be discussed on the Tuesday chat.

#HCLDR was created by Colin Hung and Lisa Fields in 2012. The original idea was to establish a “virtual space” where people who were passionate about healthcare could gather and discuss issues via social media. At the time, there wasn’t a chat dedicated to leadership challenges in healthcare nor was there a community that was suited for people who were healthcare leaders – both in title and in spirit.

#HCLDR is open to anyone and everyone. It’s not just for healthcare executives. If you care about health, the care you or your loved ones receive or any aspect of the healthcare industry – then we consider you a healthcare leader and we hope that you will share your leadership with our community.


About Colin Hung 

Colin Hung has been working in HealthIT for 15yrs helping software companies grow their businesses in a tough regulated environment. Colin is a true believer in healthcare technology and is especially passionate about how it can improve the patient experience. Colin was named one of the Top 20 HealthIT bloggers and one of the Top 100 healthcare voices on Twitter in 2016. Colin is co-founder of #hcldr – one of Twitter’s most popular healthcare tweetchats. He speaks and writes regularly about healthcare, HealthIT, marketing and leadership. He currently leads the marketing efforts for Stericycle Communication Solutions.

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