Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Health IT Innovation and Interoperability

Health IT Innovation and Interoperability

Health IT Innovation and Interoperability


Mandy Long, Vice President of Product Management at Modernizing Medicine 


Mandy joined us to discuss Health IT Innovation and Interoperability.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Mandy:

  1. (2:16) What is your definition of user experience? And why is User Experience so important for physicians, their staff and patients?
  2. (3:56) What are the risks to poor user experience?
  3. (5:07) How can health IT innovation improve patient and customer experience?
  4. (6:34) How can health IT innovation improve patient outcomes?
  5. (7:42) How is Modernizing Medicine using technology to improve care and empower patients?
  6. (11:35) How have you found your customers and their patients appreciating your telemedicine solution?
  7. (13:48) What are the most important factors for vendors, providers and patients in the 21st Century Cures Act?
  8. (18:23) Why is interoperability so important for improving patient care and outcomes?
  9. (20:38) What are you seeing as the barriers to why the industry has struggled to achieve seamless interoperability?

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About Modernizing Medicine

Every day we help physicians increase efficiencies in their medical practices while improving both treatment and business outcomes. We broke away from the crowd in the development of our template-free, macro-free electronic medical records (EMR) system so that we could stand out with dramatically different technology – specialty-specific EMR technology that thinks like a physician.

Our solution, EMA™, the Electronic Medical Assistant®, holds a distinctive position in healthcare technology that blends smoothly into your practice. We believe that an EMR system shouldn’t get in the way of how you practice medicine. It should function intelligently just like you. Like a true assistant, it should anticipate your next move.

But our goal is to do more than give you a better EMR system. Our mission is to “modernize medicine.” We are achieving this by combining the features of EMA with structured treatment and outcomes data from millions of patient encounters to give you not only top-rated tools, but also in-depth nationwide medical knowledge to do what you do best: treat patients and improve healthcare.

We help doctors get work done faster and get out of the office sooner, because every minute matters…in your medical practice and in your life.

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About Mandy Long

Mandy Long is the Vice President of Product Management at Modernizing Medicine. She is responsible for the product strategy and direction of Modernizing Medicine’s entire software portfolio. She drives the product road map and the expansion of Modernizing Medicine’s products and services offerings to its rapidly evolving user base.

Mandy has spent her career in healthcare technology. Prior to joining Modernizing Medicine in 2014, she was the Vice President of Product Management for Experian Health (previously Passport Health Communications, Inc.), serving 3,060 hospitals and 10,000 other healthcare organizations representing 350,000 providers nationwide in the patient access and revenue cycle solutions space. Prior to Passport, Mandy held a number of senior leadership positions at Epic, including Application Success Owner, Install Process Owner, and Senior Project Manager. Mandy holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Connecticut College. Connect with Mandy on Twitter!

Mandy is the Chair of the EHRA Clinician Experience Workgroup:  She is also a working mother of three children under three who is passionate about women’s rights in the workplace and work/life balance.

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