Friday 14 August 2020
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Four Predictions for Employee Benefits in 2016

Four Predictions for Employee Benefits

OUR GUEST  Eric Helman, Chief Strategy Officer for Hodges-Mace, joined the show to talk to us about how their Four Predictions for Employee Benefits in 2016.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Eric on this episode:

  1. (2:55) Will you start by telling us what you expect in the area of Eligibility and Enrollment?
  2. (4:49) And what are you predicting in terms of benefits offered?
  3. (7:23) What do you see in terms of affordability?
  4. (9:15) What do you predict in terms of Alternatives to Employer-based Coverage?
  5. (15:16) What choices do employees want / expect today in their benefits packages?
  6. (19:08) What is your perspective on the risk shifting that has occurred from health insurance payers to all Americans?

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About Eric Helman

Eric Helman joined Hodges-Mace as Chief Strategy Officer in November 2014 and is responsible for creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives for the Company. Eric brings to Hodges-Mace a vast background in innovative employee benefits administration and enrollment processes through ContinuousHealth.

As a result of its vision to lower the cost of employer-provided health benefits through the use of innovative technology, ContinuousHealth was acquired by Hodges-Mace in 2014 to expand the software capabilities and customer base of the organization.

Prior to founding ContinuousHealth in 2004, Eric served as the founder and CEO of Viga Technologies. Earlier in his career, he acted as CEO of CEDAR Document Technologies and as CEO of SourceTrack, LLC. He also served as Senior Location Executive for IBM in Tampa Bay, and as Business Unit Executive for IBM in North and Central Florida. Eric began his career as a Regular Army officer serving two tours in Europe.  Connect with Eric on LinkedIN!


About Hodges-Mace

Hodges-Mace, LLC is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and is a leading provider of employee benefits communication and custom enrollment services to large U.S. employers.

Founded in 2004, the company’s strategy remains the same: work with fewer, larger clients than our competitors, so that we can dedicate the best resources to each client. Ultimately, our high-touch service philosophy and thorough approach to solving our client’s challenges translate to an exceptional customer service experience. (from


himss16 tweetABLEWe encourage you to see how intrepidNow Healthcare collaborated with JVION to broadcast #PredictWhatMatters from HIMSS ’16.   you can listen in to many great interviews of various executive Predictive Analytics stakeholders here.

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