Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Experian Brings Identity Management Expertise to Healthcare

Experian Brings Identity Management Expertise to Healthcare

OUR GUEST  Karly Rowe, Senior Director of Product Innovation for Experian Health, joined the show to tell how Experian Brings Identity Management Expertise to Healthcare.

Specifically, we discuss the following with Karly on this episode:

  1. Will you tell us how Experian is combining your healthcare data and expertise with Experian data and capabilities to deliver unique solutions to the market?
  2. How do your solutions help to combat medical fraud?
  3. Why is it important to establish a universal identifier in healthcare? Are we making any progress on that front?
  4. Why is it important to protect medical identities during access to sensitive information on patient portals and how are you doing that?

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About Karly Rowe

Karly Rowe, Senior Director of Product Innovation, Identity Management is responsible for Experian Health’s Fraud and Identity solutions, which help healthcare organizations match, manage, and protect identities across the ecosystem. She is also responsible for finding new ways to leverage Experian’s data and analytics expertise to develop and deliver new, innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.


About Experian Health  (from

Established from a group of acquired companies within the healthcare industry, including SearchAmerica, Medical Present Value (MPV) and Passport Health Communications, Experian Health has become the industry leader offering a full suite of revenue cycle management, identity management, patient engagement and population wellness solutions.

Leveraging a powerful revenue cycle and patient access heritage, advanced data insights and our patented Passport eCare NEXT®platform, a Touchless Processing™ system, Experian Health enables healthcare providers, labs, pharmacies and risk-bearing entities to automate, integrate and innovate the patient payment and care experience.

Experian Health’s solutions enable organizations to make smarter business decisions, better understand their financial performance, enhance their bottom line and strengthen the patient payment and care experience in today’s increasingly consumer-centric, value-based environment.

  • Our revenue cycle management solutions, which encompass orders, patient access, contract management, claims management and collections, help healthcare organizations improve workflow efficiency and increase reimbursement.
  • Our identity management solutions, help match, manage, and protect patient identities, enabling accurate patient verification and safeguarding medical information.
  • Our patient engagement solutions help connect patients with self-service portals and mobile options, enabling them to conveniently settle bills, manage accounts, pre-register online, and view lab results.
  • Our population wellness solutions support the organization and sharing of patient care activities and assist providers to succeed in the new era of value-based reimbursement through effective post-acute care episode management.



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Experian Brings Identity Management Expertise to Healthcare

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