Wednesday 22 March 2023
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Episode 8: #ICD10 Roundtable: Dr. Joe Nichols: ICD-10 is Attainable for Doctors

Episode 8 of our #ICD10 Roundtable:  Dr. Joe Nichols has been a thought leader on ICD-10 for over six years!  He is a proponent of ICD-10 and works very hard to convince physicians that the transition to ICD-10 is attainable.

Host  Joe Lavelle

Guest Dr. Joe Nichols,, President, Health Data Consulting

Today’s discussion guide:

  1. One of the reasons that we wanted to interview Dr. Nichols is because we have heard him speak in other forums on ICD-10 where he has presented the crazy idea that ICD-10 does not really have have to be all that difficult for physicians.  We asked him directly, is ICD-10 going to be a difficult endeavor for physicians?
  2. Many physicians are not putting ICD-10 in perspective – ICD-10 is simply a method of codifying our patients conditions and a standard part of what physicians were trained to do and should do everyday.
  3. Why do you think there is so much mis-information for physicians regarding the difficulty of ICD-10 implementation?
  4. The distinction between benefits of #ICD10 for physicians versus their patients.
  5. Good documentation is important and necessary in other industries as well – like law enforcement and airlines.
  6. Addressing the crazy codes that have been hyped like “flaming water ski’s”
  7. Why we can’t wait for ICD-11?
  8. What about the argument that ICD-10 is an unfunded mandate?
  9. For physician practices that have not started, what should they do now to get started?
  10. Are there places where physicians actually doing the coding?


Dr Joe Nichols

Dr Joe Nichols

Dr. Joe Nichols is a board certified Orthopedic Surgeon with a long history in health information technology. He has a wide range of experiences in healthcare information technology on the provider, payer, government and vendor side of healthcare business. He has served in positions in executive management, system design, logical database architecture, product management, consulting and healthcare value measurement for the last 18 of his 35 years inthe healthcare industry. He has given over 200 presentations nationally related to ICD-10 and clinical documentation improvement over the past 4 years on behalf of CMS, payers, providers, integrated delivery systems, consulting groups, universities, government entities, vendors and trade associations. He co-chairs the WEDI (Workgroup on Electronic Data Interchange) translation and coding sub-workgroup and has received WEDI merit awards 3 years in succession. He is also an AHIMA approved ICD-10 coding trainer. He is currently providing consulting services as the President of Health Data Consulting Inc.


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