Tuesday 31 January 2023
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Episode 12: #ICD10 Roundtable: Jim Hennessy Discusses Testing, Readiness and Lessons Learned


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Episode 12 of our #ICD10 Roundtable:  Jim Hennessy is another repeat guest on the #ICD10 Roundtable.  We are excited to have him back to discuss ICD-10 Testing, ICD-10 Readiness and Lessons Learned from his clients pursuing ICD-10

Hosts  Joe Lavelle and Rayanne Thorn

Guest  Jim Hennessy, CEO of e4 Services; Contact Jim on Twitter.

Today’s discussion guide:

  1. Since we last talked Jim started working with a group in New Jersey on ICD-10 Testing. He tells how that group formed and what they are doing.
  2. We first invited Jim to be on the show before ICD-10 was delayed last year and then recorded the interview just as the delay was announced. Our intention that first time was to highlight that the e4 team were real thought leaders on ICD-10 Testing. We ask Jim to provide our listeners with a dummies guide to ICD-10 testing.
  3. We are still hearing stories of those that have not started their ICD-10 transition projects, especially among independent physician practices. We asked Jim what he recommends to those than have not started?
  4. We learned when we talked last year that e4 serves mid-to-large health systems clients. Jim tells us what about his clients overall state of readiness for ICD-10 and about some key lessons learned across all those projects at his clients.
  5. Jim’s clients have participated in each stage of testing with CMS.  He tells us what they have learned from the testing.
  6. And finally we ask Jim the million-dollar question: is ICD-10 going to happen on Oct 1 2015?

Click here to listen to Jim’s interview on episode 2 of the ICD10 Roundtable!

Click here to listen to Jim’s interview on episode 6 of the ICD10 Roundtable!

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