Tuesday 30 May 2023
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Episode 11: #ICD10 Roundtable: Adele Allison: Announcing #ICD10Now Workshops

icd10 roundtable allison

Episode 11 of our #ICD10 Roundtable:  Adele Allison is another repeat guest on the #ICD10 Roundtable.  Her role on the front lines of healthcare reform have positioned her perfectly to lend a hand to Providers that are struggling to get started with their ICD-10 projects.  I am proud to join Adele to make this exciting announcement of the #ICD10Now Workshops from Alabama HIMSS!

Host  Joe Lavelle

Guest Adele Allison, Director, Provider Innovation Strategies, DST Health Solutions

Today’s discussion guide:

  1. What is your perspective on Provider readiness for ICD-10?
  2. Is it still possible for Providers that have not started to be ready on October 1?
  3. What is standing in Providers way of being ready?
  4. You and I have been working on an idea to help move the needle on the ICD-10 conversation, will you tell us more about that? Keep up with the latest on the workshops by following #ICD10Now on Twitter
  5. When is the first #ICD10Now Workshop and how often will you have them going forward?  The first 2 workshops have been scheduled, others will follow.  The first #ICD10Now Workshop will be in Huntsville on February 11th. (Get info hereThe second #ICD10Now Workshop will be in Birmingham on February 23rd. (Get info here )  Click here to register for either Workshop.


As the lead executive of provider innovation strategies, Adele Allison monitors healthcare reform for DST’s health solutions division, a leading provider of health IT solutions for payers, providers and pharmacies dedicated to improving the delivery and administration of healthcare in terms of clinical, financial and patient health outcomes. Having served as the co-chair of the ONC Beacon-EHR Vendor Affinity Group, Allison has more than 25 years of healthcare experience and has been the guest speaker at dozens of national events, sharing her expertise on population management, big data analytics, PCMH, Meaningful Use, ACOs, ICD-10, healthcare related legislation, value-based purchasing and other topics.  A published author, Allison is a member of the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) advisory board on curriculum development and previously served on UAB’s HITECH Committee for health IT curriculum development.  Contact Adele on Twitter.


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