Sunday 24 January 2021
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Enabling a Strategic View of Telemedicine

Strategic View of Telemedicine

TODAYS GUEST Dr. Roy Schoenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of American Well 

Dr. Schoenberg joined us to provide great insights on Telemedicine,the Healthcare Market, and Enabling a Strategic View of Telemedicine.  Specifically, we discuss the following with Dr. Schoenberg:

  1. (3:29) How do you go to market? Who are your customers?
  2. (5:04) What is the state of telehealth today and where do you see it in 5-10 years?
  3. (8:26) What is the consumer experience like in telehealth?
  4. (12:35) What are some of the more innovative uses of telehealth today?
  5. (14:30) What’s the biggest barrier to widespread telehealth adoption?
  6. (20:00) What’s next for American Well? What can we expect from you as we head into 2016?

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About American Well

American Well offers software, services, and access to clinical services – everything you need to offer a complete telehealth service – whether you are a health plan, an employer, or a delivery network. Our mobile and web service connects doctors with patients for live, on-demand video visits over the internet and handles all the administration, security, and record keeping that modern healthcare requires. (from

American Well is not a telehealth vendor. We’re a telehealth services partner. We develop and strategically align our platform and affiliated services to meet our customers’ varied needs. Our client roster includes national and regional health plans, delivery networks, government organizations, employers and retailers. Our team will work with you to develop business, deployment and go-to-market strategies to meet your goals and make telehealth work for your organization. (from


Dr. Roy Schoenberg

Dr. Roy Schoenberg is co-founder and CEO at American Well where he introduced the patented service brokerage technology that today powers the nation’s largest Telehealth network. Prior to American Well, Roy was president and founder of CareKey and continued to serve as Chief Internet solutions officer at TriZetto, following its acquisition of CareKey. In 2013, Roy was appointed to the US Federation of Medical Board’s task force delivering landmark guidelines for the “Appropriate use of Telehealth in Medical Practice”. Roy is the 2014 recipient of the American Telemedicine Association Industry award for leadership in the field of Telemedicine.
He is an avid author and speaker in the areas of healthcare technology and national Health IT policy. Roy serves on the board of the ATA, holds an MD from Hebrew University and an MPH from Harvard. 


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