Wednesday 31 May 2023
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Enabling Health Plans to Deliver via Private Exchanges

Private Exchanges

TODAYS GUEST Eugene Sayan, President and CEO of Softheon

Eugene joined us for the purpose of discussing how Softheon is enabling health plans to provide private exchanges to healthcare employers and consumers.  Specifically we discuss the following with Eugene:

  1. (4:16) The idea of the ‘consumerization of healthcare’ and transparency into price and quality is a very hot topic right now. What are you seeing as some of the opportunities and challenges in the area of healthcare consumerization and transparency?
  2. (7:14) In what way do private exchanges offer employees a greater sense of ownership over their health insurance coverage?
  3. (8:56) Will you clarify the difference between a public and private healthcare exchange?
  4. (10:54) What are some of the key implementation and setup – or configuration – decisions that employers who are thinking about utilizing a private exchange must consider?
  5. (15:43) What are some of the primary implementation considerations and tasks that a health plan must perform when implementing a private exchange solution?
  6. (17:26) Eugene, we were introduced to Softheon through the Healthcare Executive Group. Will you please elaborate on the value that Softheon has found in sponsoring an organization like the HealthCare Executive Group?  NOTE: Check out our interview with Ferris Taylor on HCEG!
  7. (19:28) What’s next for Softheon? What are you working on to further enhance the business of your customers?

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About Softheon (from

At Softheon we strive to create simple solutions to complex problems. Our innovative and easy-to-use products have revolutionized the way everyday people access health insurance. With over two decades of experience, we’ve designed five platforms to help our partners quickly adapt to industry standards, manage client data, and grow their membership, while never compromising the exceptional care they provide. In 2016, we successfully collaborated with health plans, brokers, employers, and governmental organizations in all 50 states to care for over 1.6M lives.

Softheon was born from necessity. We came to the rescue of companies, particularly in healthcare, that wanted to be more efficient. Most had an existing process to address their needs, but after that process was created, it was left to age out of usefulness, never to be updated again. That’s where we came in. We were able to provide an external review of these processes and find where they could be more efficient.

Then the Affordable Care Act came along and shook everything up, giving us a new space to thrive in. We took what we were already doing for companies and applied it to both this new space and the already existing healthcare marketplace. Now, we worked with our carriers so that they could continue to work as they have in the past, but also have access to the new customer base.


Eugene Sayan’s Bio

As its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Sayan leads Softheon’s vision and strategic direction to help achieve your goal of addressing ACA mandate challenges, implementing single and multi-carrier private exchanges, and integrating with Federal & State Based Marketplaces. Over the past 25 years, he has developed and nurtured innovative solutions that are adopted by many healthcare payers, providers, and government agencies, including Massachusetts Connector, the nation’s first fully operational State Health Benefits Exchange.  Prior to founding Softheon, Eugene led the big-data and process management initiatives for Fortune 1000 companies, after his tenure at IBM. Eugene currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Long Island Software & Technology Network, the Healthcare IT Board of Advisors at the Center of Excellence in Wireless & Information Technology, and the Board of Advisors at the Center for Dynamic Data Analytics.


About HCEG (from

The HealthCare Executive Group is a national network of select executives from across the entire healthcare spectrum; coming together to continually learn, grow, share and reshape the industry.  Through the development of HCEG’s top 10 critical trends, ongoing educational opportunities and the HCEG Annual Forum, members gain access to industry insights and trends, recognized thought leaders and career-long relationships.

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