Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Dr. Chris Russell, Founder of NoteSwift, on Helping Physicians Improve Productivity

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  • Dr, Chris Russell, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of NoteSwift

We discuss the following with Dr. Russell on this episode:

  • We have talked quite a bit recently on our show about EHR workflow, will you start with sharing your perspective on the pros and cons of EHR systems?
  • What do believe will be the future of the EHR ?
  • We regularly hear from physicians about how technology has complicated their workflow, what is your perspective on simplifying medical practice workflow?
  • What are the obstacles for technology and speech recognition technology in healthcare?
  • What are the key benefits of a product like NoteSwift for HCPs?


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Dr, Chris Russell – CMIO and Founder, NoteSwift

You will definitely want to listen in as Dr. Russell provides many great “golden nuggets” from his experience as a physician and as founder on NoteSwift. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • “Sometime physicians feel that the people in #HIT think that a doctor’s job is to enter data into the IT system” (versus to treat patients).
  • “40% of physicians are burned out. The single biggest reason for physician burnout is the increased administrative overhead requirements of physicians.”
  • “Our system (NoteSwift) has been proven to save physicians approximately 3o minutes per day in generating patient visit notes.”
  • “The purpose of #MeaningfulUse was to get physicians on EHRs.. What #MU has become is telling physicians what to do with the EHRs.”


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