Monday 16 May 2022
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Coordinated Care Continues to Evolve

Coordinated Care Continues to Evolve

TODAYS GUEST Kyle Salem, Chief of Staff at CQuence Health Group and member of the board of directors for Ensocare.

Kyle joined us to discuss how Coordinated Care Continues to Evolve at Ensocare.  Specifically we discuss the following with Kyle:

  1. (3:05) What are the key pain points that many hospitals have when it comes to care coordination processes?
  2. (6:34) What can you tell us about how thenew code, 99490 approved by CMS last year has impacted care management?
  3. (8:01) Why are improvements in care coordination like CJR important as the industry moves towards value-based care?
  4. (13:13) Who will the “quarterback” be to coordinate care?
  5. (16:14) How can improved care coordination can impact a hospital’s bottom line through lowered length-of-stay, increased efficiency, reduced readmissions, improved patient satisfaction, etc.?
  6. (18:39) Beyond the post-acute setting, how do care coordination efforts need to improve
  7. (21:11) What’s next for Ensocare? What can we expect in the second half of 2016?

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About Ensocare

Ensocare unites patients, families and healthcare organizations in getting patients the right care at the right time. Our solutions are targeted to increase efficiency and coordination of care for patients both before and after discharge. Our strength is in engaging and activating patients through a robust post-acute care provider network enabled by unique technology and proactive services.

Through our industry-leading, economical combination of technology and 24/7 customer service,we work with a hospital’s existing resources to help them handle the complex care coordination system. Implementing our solutions can translate into financial benefits of millions of dollars for many healthcare organizations. (from

Dr. Kyle Salem’s Bio

Dr. Kyle Salem is the Chief of Staff at CQuence Health Group and serves on the board of directors for Ensocare, a care coordination company, and as chair of the board of Jelecos, a managed IT services company. Dr. Salem earned his doctorate in biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University and has completed the Kellogg Management Institute at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

After his time in academia, he initially worked for Siemens Medical Solutions MRI research & development, serving as the primary scientist supporting their second 3 Tesla MRI scanner in the U.S. He also managed U.S. R&D MRI collaborations for two years. In 2005, Kyle joined Cassling Diagnostic Imaging, a sister company of Ensocare, where he held a number of roles from strategic sales executive to vice president of corporate strategy and development. It was during this time that Kyle learned about the considerable challenges of managing health care and was able to focus on how the industry could strengthen community health care by lowering costs, increasing quality and increasing efficiency.

As Chief of staff, Dr. Salem spends his time understanding health care strategy, aligning CQuence’s businesses, including Ensocare ,to the future of healthcare and helping to lead the organizations overall growth and development. He has a passionate interest in the future model of care coordination, payment reform and new technologies in health-care delivery.



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