Wednesday 1 February 2023
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Carl Ferguson, Managing Director of CTG Health Solutions at #GC3HIMSS

jvionThis series from The Gulf Coast HIMSS Chapters Fall 2014 Conference (#GC3HIMSS) is brought to you by our partner JVION.  JVION is proud to support the efforts of many regional HIMSS including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia.  Read more about Big Data Analytics in Health Care and JVION’s patient-level predictions.  We are excited to be interviewing the presenters and sponsors for the conference on intrepid Healthcare!

Carl Ferguson, Managing Director of CTG Health Solutions (CTGHS) joined us at #GC3HIMSS to talk about the current trends in the Healthcare IT market space for Healthcare providers and for Health Plans.

We discuss the following with Carl on this episode:

  • The trend that CTGHS is seeing in the market where provider organizations need post-implementation production EMR application support and the uptick in requests for Service/Help Desk partial and full outsourcing.  According to Carl, much of this is tied to having the knowledge and expertise of the implemented EMR.
  • Now that EMRs are implemented, many CTGHS clients are moving towards Performance Improvement.  This is beyond just optimization – it is Performance Improvement that includes process, workflow, as well as the technology.
  • ACO development across the nation.  CTGHS is seeing more and more ACO development every day.  CTGHS is helping clients on the payer and provider side in this early stage in the development of these ACOs by providing strategic planning guidance and readiness assessments – specifically, IT readiness assessments.
  • Carl provides great insight about the state of the HIT consulting market.  Many CTGHS competitors have been acquired, closed down, have had to lay off significant percentages of their workforce, or are on the market now looking for someone to purchase them (in whole or in part) this year.  Due to CTGHS approach of long term client partnerships, focus on operational improvement (vs capital projects), a broad range of services, and the company’s financially stable, debt free position,  CTGHS is well positioned to ride out this period of market change and “turbulence”.
  • CTGHS is well positioned going into 2015 and the age of value based care with services, expertise, and professionals that address both the provider and payer markets.

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